Walking Matches for IWCR

Dear Members! 

IWCR would like to try a little experiment. Many are really missing opportunities to meet, and restrictions mean we are limited in what we can do. In addition many of us are leaving over summer, and new people will arrive – so those staying behind, or moving here during the pandemic can find they need to discover new friendships as time goes on. 

One thing that is allowed is for two people to go for a walk in the fresh air. Now that the weather is improving, this is becoming a more attractive option. 

If you’re interested in finding a walking buddy to meet outside 1 on 1 with another IWCR member, IWCR will try to facilitate finding you a walking meet up! Please write to us at social.iwcr@gmail.com and tell us : 

  1. your name 
  2. your area 
  3. Where you’re willing to have a walk 
    e.g. Riga, Centrs, Jurmala, Mezaparks, etc…
  4. Your email and phone number 

Your details will be provided to another IWCR member, and you will receive their details. Your information won’t be shared further than that. By providing your email and phone number, you agree to IWCR sharing your information in this way. Once you receive the details of another person, you can reach out to them directly, and arrange to meet. If you’d like to be connected to more than one person after that, then just write another email! 

Hopefully this way, we can continue to meet and get to know each other, one by one, in a safe way within the regulations. 

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