Walk for Pink Train Foundation

On the 25th of May, The International Women’s Club of Riga got together in support of one of our charities – Pink train foundation/Rozā vilciena labdarības fonds, who directly supports women diagnosed with breast cancer in Latvia 🇱🇻.

For the entire month of May, the Pink Train Foundation is encouraging people to walk/run/cycle 42km, and through seeking sponsorship for their efforts, to raise a total of €4200.

We did our bit by walking together for about 1 hour and either getting sponsers or making a direct donation to the cause.

✅ There are still a few moments left in May! It’s never too late to give to this great cause. Please be encouraged to get involved.


💸 Three ways to donate:

1: At this link: https://gogetfunding.com/pink-train-marathon-2023/
2: Through paypal to: rozavilcens@gmail.com
3: Directly to Pink Train Foundation’s bank account:
Rozā vilciena labdarības fonds

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