Visit to Bethlehem Maja – March 16

Dear Ladies,

we would like to offer you to join for a visit to one of our charities – Betlemes Maja. Betlemes Maja is a charity helping people with addictions. For more information:
We would have a chance to learn more about their program, have a tour around their house and we are also welcome to take part of their regular ceramics class. (together with clients)
We will meet March 16, 9:20, at Katolu iela 14, outside the building.
Please let me know if you want to join!
Please note, that later in April or May, we will also go to their house in Olaine, which is a place out of Riga used for new clients; first step in fighting addiction. There are many opportunities for all of you who like to garden or help in any other way, as soon as the spring starts!
All the best,
Vera and Charity Committee
Charity Committee
Vera Boissin, Eva Sesemann, Elina Apine, Julia Piesnia, Sarah Green-Mummert, Tiina Nirk, Tatiana Ross, Chani Erasmus

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