Finding joy in Your everyday life – Virtual Lecture

Dear members,

we are vey glad to invite you to a Virtual Lecture with Helene Saleniece. We organise this event jointly with Children Palliative Care Society, who generously donate their resources and invite to this inspiring lecture. The event is part of this year’s IWCR individual fundraising cultural events. All its earnings proceed to the IWCR charity fund.

We tend to confuse joy with happiness, and although they are closely related and often occur simultaneously, these feel-good emotions aren’t synonymous. Happiness is an emotion that brings bursts of intense pleasure, excitement, and satisfaction, while joyfulness is a stronger, longer-term state that results in feelings of inner peace and contentment.

Join us for this virtual lecture to find out where happiness can be easily manufactured, and how we can set up the right conditions to achieve joy in life.

Topics of the lecture

  • What is the difference between joy and luck?
  • What are our joy killers?
  • Is it possible to keep the joy every day?
  • How to find the joy when we have to face grief, trouble?
  • How we can cultivate joy in our every day life?
  • What is the ultimate source for joy?


  • When: Tuesday, December 15th, 10.30am – 11.30am,
  • Where: Zoom platform,
  • Participation fee: EUR 15, and the earnings of the event will go into the charity funds for 2021. Of course more is welcome as all goes to the IWCR charities.

About Helene

Helene Saleniece is a chaplain at the Children’s Palliative Care Society. Helene studied in Switzerland and got her Master of Divinity degree from the Theology Seminary St. Chrischona in Basel. After returning back to Latvia she worked as a manager in the christian publishing house “Amnis” and in the Evangelical Lutheran Jesus Church as the youth pastor until she was called to become a lead pastor in the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denver, Colorado, USA. Helene was a pastor there for over 5 years and then returned back to Latvia.During her time in the USA she traveled to different churches and was invited to lead church services and give lectures. Now she is working with families who have terminally ill children and helping them in this time of need.

Initialed by Linda Zarovska, Children Palliative Care Society to support our efforts to raise funds for local charities.

Finding joy in Your everyday life.

*International Christmas Journey – events marked with this symbol are part of the series of intercultural events from October until February.

With the support by our international community, embassies, and local businesses we raise funds for charity organisations in Latvia. All proceeds of this event will go directly into the overall fund , and will be distributed to the charities for projects in 2021. This year we meet for a virtual Christmas Bazaar. Virtual Shopping starts on Dec 6th with our Online Auction.

Note: Due to applying rules we will hold this event virtually through zoom. Please follow the latest measures and obligations in regards to COVID-19. From October 14th, a face mask must be worn in public places – shops and elsewhere. Outdoor events are possible with up to 50 people.

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