Why everyone should try play golf

In the last week of May we had the pleasure to enjoy a morning of learning golf at the beautiful lakeside setting of Ozo Golf Club, Meza Parks. Most of us were complete beginners, some were looking for to improve their swing. Our British PGA Fellow Professional, Justin Griffiths, taught us the aspects of golf including driving, chipping and putting.

In a nutshell

This event brought us together!

We had been a group of around 10 people, and we enjoyed the time a lot.

Golf is a sport that is suitable for all ages and all abilities. Exercising while socialising, focusing while relaxing, challenging while calming.

Challenge yourself – learn new skills

You can start with golf at any time, and it welcomes all ages. Beginners can start from scratch with professional coaching. The two hours coaching we enjoyed made us all to try something new and to learn new skills.

With every practise we all enjoyed perfecting the techniques – no matter which abilities each individual has. We would be lying if we would not mention some frustrated moaning. Not every club hit the ball. But it is a friendly challenge to beat your personal best. This makes it a lot of fun and try to do better.

Golf is good for your health

Golf is a great activity to spend a lot of time on your feet, and do a lot of walking. We spent around two hours at Ozo Golf Club. And no matter you come for some professional coaching, or you play a round of golf, you’ll spend that time outside. That means you’ll get the benefits that come with spending time outside in a beautiful location.

Make new friends

Golf is an extremely sociable sport. It is a wonderful way to connect with people and make new friends. After the last months of social distancing the golf activity gave us all the opportunity to get together with old friends and meet new people.

“It was great to see so many ladies coming over to Ozo to try out the game, and to see what a beautiful venue we have. It is the perfect place to get a first taste of golf.
My philosophy is to explain the simplicity and small cost in which golf in Latvia can be accessed and tried. It does not cost a fortune, it’s great exercise, it’s safe and everybody is welcome.
Let’s not leave it to long before we see us again.“, says Justin Griffiths, British PGA Golf Professional.

In 2020, Justin will be having its seventh season teaching at Ozo Golf Club. He is a British PGA Fellow Professional and a Qualified Level 4 fitness and flexibility instructor. Read more.

We enjoyed this event a lot, and look forward to return. Being outdoors can help you ease anxiety. It allows you to put things into perspective and to refresh your mind.

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