Guided Walking tour – Moscow District, Nov 17th

Join this interesting and entertaining tour – guided by Arturs, some of you might know him already from our last tours.

Rich in Jewish History and wooden architecture, The Moscow Suburb, officially called the ‘Latgales priekšpilsēta’ but colloquially known as ‘Maskachka’ is by far one of the least explored parts of Riga. 

Once home to a large Jewish population it became the Jewish ghetto for Riga during WWII. The Moscow district is one of the oldest suburbs, and has undergone the least change – means a walking tour through it can be like travelling back in time.

Today the suburb is run down, a little sad and in need of attention.

About Guided tour 

  • Tuesday, November 17th,
  • Start time: 10.30am, 2 – 3 hour tour,
  • An excursion into one of the most surprising districts in Riga,
  • Fee: Arturs runs this tour for us on tip base – means please give as much tip as you think the tour is worth

*We are kindly asked to note:*

The suburb itself is a bit fragile so we ask people to not be too loud or to take intrusive photographs of the local residents. It is not a zoo after all, and we have great respect for those that live there.Please RSVP through memberplanet. 

Pictures might be taken and used on our channels.——This event will take place inline with applying rules Latvia being declared in second state of emergency from Nov 9th until Dec 6th. 

Up to 50 people can gather outside for meetings.

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