Tea Tasting Salon

On Wednesday 24 January, more than 25 IWCR members gathered at the Chinese Cultural Center in Riga hosted by the Chinese Embassy for a Tea Tasting Salon.

The Chinese Deputy Chief of Mission Song Danhui warmly greeted everyone, the Director of the Center Wang Nan informed the guests of the program and the President of IWCR Danielle Shumsky kindly thanked them for hosting the IWCR Members for this interesting, educational, and joyous event!

The Chinese Chef from the Embassy prepared very delicious snacks along with several tea offerings including Oolong, Green, White, Puerh, Black, Herbal, and Yellow. It was exciting for the members to be able to enjoy authentic and traditional Chinese cuisine. Some topics discussed were the Chinese New Year which is happening on February 10, the Spring Festival, Tea Ceremony etiquette, Chinese vs European art style and composition, and various questions were answered with regards to Chinese traditions.

Following the informational portion of the program, the IWCR Members were taught a painting technique of flowers by the very inspirational Art Teacher. Each IWCR Member received a dragon to commemorate the year of the wood dragon. Thank you again to the Chinese Embassy and Chinese Cultural Center for hosting the International Women’s Club of Riga!

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