Our visit to Bolderaija on Monday, April 14th

With an enthusiastic group from IWCR we went to Bolderaija on monday afternoon. We spent some nice hours together with the children making Easter decorations: cutting, glueing, folding, thinking about how to bring an Easter atmosphere into the rooms of the daycare center in Bolderija.
The boys played also baseball with Miguel from American embassy and we ate Italian and Lithuanian lasagne and Georgian, German and Belgian dessert that we brought from home.
At the end we got a lot of hugs from the children who already look forward for our next visit.

If you like to join a next time, send an e-mail to charity.iwcr@gmail.com

Here are some impressions:

 IWCR_Bolderaija_20140414_1 IWCR_Bolderaija_20140414_2 IWCR_Bolderaija_20140414_3 IWCR_Bolderaija_20140414_4 IWCR_Bolderaija_20140414_5 IWCR_Bolderaija_20140414_6

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