Meet a member – 5 Questions to Marija Krūmiņa

The International Women’s Club of Riga is an international group of women offering friendship and supporting local charities.

Our members benefit from our various activities throughout the year like conversation groups, social tours, lunches, monthly meet and greets, or charity work with local organizations. Our casual evening meet and greets take place every 2nd Wednesday of each month. It is a great opportunity to meet and mingle with the members of the club and interested women into the club. Every month we will meet at a different location to explore the community we live in. 

We are thankful to our lovely member Marija Krūmiņa, who volunteered to organize our evening meet and greets this year. We talked with Marija about her experience and being a member of IWCR. 

IWCR: Marija, you are a IWCR member for a while. How did you find out about the club, and what we do?

Marija: I got to know about IWCR more than 10 years ago when I participated in the organization of Annual Christmas Bazaar from the side of the Czech Embassy. It has impressed me very much and made me feel that such kinds of events are very important  in the terms of Latvian international integration.

IWCR: Why do you want to give to our organization? What motivates you to be involved?

Marija: My motivation to participate in IWCR activities is based on the very idea of a charity movement, its goals and aims. Moreover, I like the friendly and light atmosphere inside the club. I see how many ladies from different countries are ready and willing to contribute to the club activities. Really, it inspires a lot and I feel that I have pretty enough desire and capabilities to be involved as well.

IWCR: What would you like to pass on to the community and future generations?

Marija: I would like to strengthen the ideas of peace, charity and activities which support these ideas.

IWCR: Would you share with us what you like most about your home country Latvia ?

Marija : I like nature of Latvia – sea, lakes, forests and many beautiful landscapes. I like small Latvian towns, with its unique hospitality and humble beauty. I like my fabulous Riga, especially Old Town with its narrow medieval streets, old cathedrals and cozy cafes.

IWCR: Can you share a little bit about yourself? What is your profession, hobbies, what have you done before, your cultural background.

Marija: As a family is the  priority of my life, I like all that is connected with family: joint trips, celebrations of family holidays, simple meetings at the dinner table, etc. I could combine it with my professional and public activities: for many years I was an employee of the Czech Embassy in Latvia, was a member of Diplomatic Economic Club, now I’m heading the Diplomatic Business Club and was invited to be a Secretary General of a new public organization – Society for Protection of Democracy.

I have no a specific hobby, but definitely may say, that my two dogs and culinary are two my big passions for the time being…))))

Meet our members

Thank you Marija for taking the time for this interview, and for your support you give to IWCR. We are very grateful that you organise this year’s Evening Meet & Greets for our club.

The interview was prepared by Elena Tezhe, Coordinator Communications, and Kerstin Steinberg, President of IWCR.

It is very interesting to learn more about our members. If you like to read more.

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