Meet a member – 5 Questions to Kristine Dalina

We have 133 members and we bring together around 45 nationalities. This month we like to introduce one of our wonderful new members. Kristine, who joined us in January and recently took on the role as the Charity Coordinator.

IWCR: Kristine, you joined IWCR a few months ago. How did you find out about the club, and what we do?

Kristine: I heard about the club from a family member who joined when she first moved here from America 15 years ago. I have visited Latvia numerous times with my family for holidays but now living here I thought IWCR would be a good place for me to meet new people. In particular, IWCR’s charity work and social functions appealed to me.

IWCR: Why do you want to give to our organization? What motivates you to be involved?

Kristine: I like to help others. I have time, energy and I’m motivated. I’m wanting to give this all to an organisation such as IWCR. I came here wanting to be a part of a community, to make friends and maybe even make a difference to people here. I’m hoping that IWCR will fulfill that want.

IWCR: What would you like to pass on to the community and future generations?

Kristine: I want to make positive change in people’s lives such as through providing support and my time via charity work. I hope that future generations recognise and appreciate all the positives they have, and that they also have a responsibility to shape Latvia as an awesome country.

IWCR: Would you share with us your favorite experiences in Latvia!

Kristine: I love to walk. My husband Peteris and I walk most mornings somewhere along the Daugava. It is always beautiful along there very early in the morning. We also like to spend time in my husband’s families’ home in Valmiera, but also love the coastline south of Kolkas Rags. I love all Latvian food! So far in Latvia I am loving the experience of the changing seasons. To have snow in your day to day life is new and exciting to us. Snow in Melbourne is a 3 and a half hour drive to the mountains. Now we’re very excited to experience what the summer will bring here.

IWCR: Can you share a little bit about yourself?

Kristine: I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. I am Latvian. My grandparents fled Latvia in 1944 during the war. They spent numerous years in a German refugee camp before they ended up in Australia. I have two children Annalise 19 yrs old and Matiss 15 yrs old. I have worked numerous jobs over the years whilst being a Mum mainly in Finance, Office Management, as a Store Manager and Office Administration. I have a degree in Nursing!

Thank you very much Kristine for your time. We are very thankful for your time and passion you donate to IWCR.

The interview was prepared by Elena Tezhe, Communications Coordinator Newsletter and Kerstin Steinberg, President of IWCR.

It is very interesting to learn more about our members. If you like to read more.

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