Meet a Member – 5 Questions to Ilze

The International Women’s Club of Riga is an international group of women offering friendship and supporting local charities.

Our members benefit from our various activities throughout the year like conversation groups, social tours, lunches, monthly meet and greets, or charity work with local organizations.

The work of the Сlub in 2020/2021 is managed by the board of five charming and energetic women: Kerstin, Olga, Ilze, Laura and Sophie. They spend their energy and time keeping the club running.

The Annual General Meeting will be held soon and a new board will be elected. Now we would like to introduce you to one of the members of the current board – Ilze Inapsa. Ilze acts as a secretary and participates in all important club meetings.

We are thankful to our lovely member Ilze. We talked with Ilze about her experience and being a member of IWCR. 

IWCR: Ilze, you are a IWCR member for a while. How did you find out about the club, and what we do?

Ilze: Over the last 15 years spent living overseas, I’ve been actively engaged in the activities of International Women’s Clubs across several countries. So when–less than two years ago–I hit the road back to Latvia, I without any doubt immediately applied for a membership to IWCR.

IWCR: What motivates you to be involved in IWCR?

Ilze: I am thrilled to get in touch with women from all around the world to make their adaptation easier during their usually short stint in Latvia. I also benefit from their views and perspectives, sometimes it turns into a long-lasting friendship. I am a keen supporter of IWCR charity work and other activities.

IWCR:  What do you see as your contribution to IWCR?

Ilze: Now when I’m back home in Latvia, I do my best to provide any kind of support to ladies who are foreign to our country and culture. I help them find connections and make their life easier. For the last year, I also served as a board member and secretary of IWCR.

IWCR: Would you share with us what you like most about your home country Latvia?

Ilze: I love all four seasons we experience here in Latvia. A wonderful spring and luminous summer are my favorites. I adore open-air music festivals. Talking about food, ‘aukstā zupa’ or cold beetroot soup is among my favorites.

IWCR: Can you share a little bit about yourself? What is your profession, hobbies, what have you done before, your cultural background.

Ilze: I’m a professional musician, a piano player specializing in chamber music accompanying vocalists, wind and string musicians. Right now I am working at a public school, teaching music to primary year students as well as accompanying choir singing. Over the last 15 years, I had a wonderful opportunity to live in countries like Palestine, South Korea, Hong Kong, Azerbaijan and Georgia. It was a unique life experience getting acquainted to these cultures and teaching the universal language of music to my students. I also enjoyed numerous opportunities to perform together with my friends and students alike. My three children have enjoyed the multiple facets of expatriate life prospects, bringing them in close contact with international communities.

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Thank you Ilze for taking the time for this interview, and for your enormous support you give to IWCR. We are very grateful that you support the Board by being our secretary

The interview was prepared by Elena Tezhe, Coordinator Communications, and Kerstin Steinberg, President of IWCR.

It is very interesting to learn more about our members. If you like to read more.

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