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Dear ladies, 
We know that many of you moved to Latvia from another country. Probably, you want to learn the culture and language of this beautiful country. During this lockdown time it is hard to take lessons or attend any courses. However, this is a perfect time to get new knowledge while sitting locked at home.

Therefore, we found for you a very good resource/website where you can study Latvian from Latvians. It is very simple and free of charge. 
You do not need to subscribe but only to register via email or facebook. 
These are links, which you can use and study Latvian in English.
Or these are some more

You also may try to find your language on this website and study Latvian in your language. 
For example, this is a link to study Latvian in Russian

I hope this information is helpful and you will be ready for the meetings of our Latvian Club when the restrictions are over in April. 
Hope to see you soon!
Latvian Club coordinator, Olga

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