Klippan-Saule Tour 13 September 2022

Today we had the pleasure of touring Klippan Saule, a factory producing wool blankets and wool yarn here in Riga! Vija was so kind as to set up a private tour with the Director Romualds Baikstis! He personally welcomed us and showcased all of the different products they produce for over 22 countries. We found it especially interesting that he explained that each country and/or city has color preferences of the blankets, yarns, scarves, shawls, etc. Then he took us through each section of the factory where everyone was so kind and hard at work. Once the tour concluded, we were able to shop in the factory store at the front of the building. They are open Monday-Friday.

I purchased several blankets and scarves last year for friends and family for Christmas. I was excited to purchase two blankets and a scarf for my husband and I today! 🙂 -Danielle

This yarn made me think of Tiffany&Co.

We were so excited to be able to see the entire process. We will certainly have more appreciation for the products now!
We LOVED having Romualds explain to us the entire process from raw wool to the finished product in the store. We even saw two women hand cutting the fringe on blankets. Romualds quickly explained it is faster for the two of them to do it by hand than to have a machine do it! Wow!

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