In interview with Jordane Czapski from Decathlon

With its mission “We aim to sustainably bring the power of sport to everyone, everywhere” Decathlon just opened its first store in Latvia in October 2020. Decathlon has 1,647 stores in 57 countries across the world. We are very grateful to store leader Jordane Czapski, and her team supporting our cause. We met virtually with Jordane, and wanted to hear a little more about Decathlon, the retail sports industry, and their involvement.

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IWCR: Jordane, Decathlon opened its doors in Latvia this year. Congratulations to your Grand Opening. We are glad to have you in the region. The store offers sports equipment for various types of sports and activities. Can you tell us a little more about Decathlon and its vision.

Jordane Czapski: ‘’We want to be wherever we are needed. Our mission is to make our products available everywhere so that the pleasures and benefits of sports are available to even more people. We are launching operations in new countries with e-commerce, smaller or larger stores, adapting to the needs of the relevant market, our customers and product needs by users.

And we pay close attention to our market, listening to sports enthusiasts to ensure the best offer of products needed locally.’’

IWCR: Jordane, can you tell us a little about your work as Store Leader. Being surrounded by sports every day sounds very vital and dynamic. What makes your profession special, and what is our favorite sport activity?

Jordane Czapski: ‘’What I have experienced in these last three months before the store opening in this team is the amazing energy which every person brings, bringing their talents. Also with the pandemic, what we have done is just unbelievable but it looks that in Latvia ”impossible” is not a word that exists.

Together with the team, with each individual sports leader I am confident that the shopping experience will be much different than in any other sports store or website and make latvians more healthy and happy. By having these people who are passionate about sports, makes sure I have a strong football opponent every time we decide to do sports! Answering your question – football is my most favorite sport activity!’’

IWCR: You and your team have been immediately excited to be on board for this year’s fundraiser. How do you support our cause this year?

Jordane Czapski: ‘’As I answered before, we want to be wherever we are needed, also in this case, we would like to join the other activities and events important in Latvia who share our goal. This year we decided to give out a camping gear basket to promote more time spent in nature, any weather, any season!

The basket contains a self inflated mattress, a pillow and a sleeping bag, lamp for tent, thermos, a metal mug, stove and camping gas, a microfibre towel and a backpack! The camping department in Decathlon is the most famous and as in every department we have had many researches done and camping enthusiasts gathered to produce the best equipment to any person who is interested in this activity! We believe that there should be no borders for sports to be accessible to the many, that’s why we can confidently say that our products reassure the quality and lower price to go towards our goal and be here for the many!

IWCR: Why do you want to give to our organization? What motivates you and your team to be involved?

Jordane Czapski: ‘’Our mindset as a team is to search for the things we can improve – one would be to choose sustainable materials in our product development or use our own resources to lower product price so we can be available to those who need us the most.

We are here to help others, to help develop sports and to be active, healthy, strong which in many cases are the things that will help overcome some difficulties in life and to motivate you to never give up. As The International Women’s Club of Riga organization helps these people, families, children in need, from different backgrounds and stories we are more than happy to be a part of this wonderful organization!’’

IWCR: Would you share with us what you like most about Latvia?

Jordane Czapski: ‘’I really like Northern Europe, the nature, culture and people are surprising me in every different way! I have been to a few places now but the best so far is the seaside! I think Latvian people are very blessed with the sea, the forests and beautiful landscapes of the land!’’

Camping gear basket by Decathlon

donated by Decathlon Latvia

Bid on a camping gear basket and spend more time in nature, any weather, any season!

The basket contains a self inflated mattress, a pillow and a sleeping bag, lamp for tent, thermos, a metal mug, stove and camping gas, a microfibre towel and a backpack! Explore the Great Outdoors with the Decathlon Collection of Quality Camping Equipment. Founded in 1976.

1. Self inflate camping mattress

2. Camping pillow

3. Sleeping bag

4. Tent lamp

5. Camping bag

6. Camping bottle

7. Microfibre towel

8. Metal mug

9. Camping stove

10. Gas for the camping stove

Decathlon kempinga inventāra grozs

Ziedojusi Decathlon Latvija.

Soli savu cenu par kempinga inventāra grozu un pavadi vairāk laika dabā jebkuros laika apstākļos, jebkurā sezonā! Grozā ir piepūšams matracis, spilvens un guļammaiss, telts lampa, termoss, metāla krūze, plīts un tūrisma gāze, mikrošķiedras dvielis un mugursoma! Izbrauciet dabā ar Decathlon kvalitatīvā kempinga aprīkojuma kolekciju.

1. Pašpūšams kempinga matracis

2. Kempinga spilvens

3. Guļammaiss

4. Telts lampa

5. Kempinga soma

6. Kempinga pudele

7. Mikrošķiedras dvielis

8. Metāla krūze

9. Kempinga plīts

10. Gāze kempinga plītij

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