Intercultural Workshop: Introduction to Latvian culture

In-depth cultural awareness and understanding of the impact of cultural differences will help you with your relocation, international business, and to cope well with your family in a new cultural environment.

We kindly invite you to our Intercultural Workshop – for members of the club, and newcomers to Riga on invitation by one of our members.

Together, we want to understand the culture, values and ethos of Latvia. We are extremely grateful to offer this introduction, held by the professional consultant Iveta Berkolde.

Due to its history, Latvian culture has been influenced by different countries, religions, cultures and languages. It has developed its own cultural identity with a unique system of values and traditions. Understanding how Latvian counterparts think and behave is essential for anyone living in Latvia.

  • WHEN: September, 17th
  • TIME: 10:30am – 1.00pm
  • PLACE: Kipsala, RIga

Let us increase our individual’s ability to cope with cross-cultures and to understand the background of cultural heritage.

History plays an important role

Latvia went through a history of tumultuous developments, and foreign nations have left significant footprints. However, Latvians continue to observe the traditions of their ancestors.

Latvia first declared statehood in 1918, after being occupied by Germany, Poland, Sweden and Russia. In 1940, it was occupied by the Soviet Union, together with Estonia and Lithuania. Following the collapse of the USSR, Latvia declared independence for the second time in 1991. It joined the World Trade Organisation in 1998, the EU in May 2004 and weeks after that, it joined NATO. Latvia introduced the euro in 2014.

Cultural diversity – make the new country a place to feel home

The increase in cultural diversity within many countries due to work, immigration, resettlement and other factors combined with the evolving demands of globalisation have led to an increased interest in cross cultural exchange. Moving to different places in the world might mean to experience culture shock, no matter how much you were prepared.

With our workshop we want to introduce you to exclusive insight in Latvian culture with our professional coach. Iveta will give us an introduction, bridge gaps, and will answer frequently asked questions. We will cover cultural values, beliefs, social norms, business etiquette and communication patterns. We want to encourage you to join our discussion, how different we experience situations, what does it mean, how can I handle situations, and what might be the root to certain behaviour.

Join us

Join this wonderful opportunity to understand the differences in the cultures! Register via our member platform. Feel good about your own culture and appreciate the culture around you.

Contact: Kerstin Steinberg, IWCR President,

About Iveta Bertolde

Iveta is Managing Partner of Partners in Relocation Group, (SIA PIRGROUP). Iveta has several years of experience in the international affairs industry, and in cross-cultural consultancy. Since the early 90s Iveta supports the development of cross border cooperation between businesses, social NGO, municipalities and congregations in Latvia, and various countries like Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, and the United States. Today, Iveta Berkolde is successfully managing and training multicultural teams to develop and to provide professional services on international mobility.

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About SIA PIRGroup

Partners in Relocation Group (PIRGROUP) was established in 1997. The headquarters is based in The Netherlands with the Full Service Administration Centre in Riga, Latvia. PIRGroup offers a broad range of services designed to expertly support Human Resource managers, transferring employees and their families: immigration process, relocation, consultation on global mobility, tenancy management, and Culture Workshops and Partner (Career) Support.

The group is represented with well-trained multi-lingual staff in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, The Netherlands/Benelux, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, covering more than 12 countries full service.

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Managing Partner PIRGroup

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Balasta dambis 80A, Riga, LV-1048, Latvia

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