Help to sort out clothes for homeless – St. Saviour’s Anglican Church, Nov 14

Dear ladies,

Winter seems to be here, even just now with a lovely snow (!), and it is time to help those less fortunate..
Following our Charity Collection, we were asked by St. Saviour’s Anglican Church to help them to sort out collected clothes, that would be then directly distributed to the homeless. The weather is getting tougher and they sure need these.
For easier distribution, clothes will need to be sorted and ready to give, and that is where our help is needed. We will need about five volunteers to come to help directly to the Anglican Church, on Monday, November 14, from 9:00.We will need to fast sort things and have them ready for cca 10:00.
Also, for those of you interested in helping out with regular Soup Kitchen, check the Anglican Church webpage and if you feel like, register yourselves via their online system.
Please let me know if you want to come to help November 14.
Thank you very much!

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