Handicrafts Group

A big thank you to all our lovely ladies, who joined the Handicrafts group to produce this year’s Handmade by IWCR collection for #iwcrcharitybazaar.

The handcrafts group met 1 to 2 times a week from September until November. We primarily sew, but there are also some knitted/crocheted items as well. We make things such as bags in different sizes and shapes, aprons, oven mittens, pillowcases, iPhone/iPad holders and socks.

On the Day

When we make these items it is a bit like a factory line. Some ladies are cutting, others overlooking, needling, sewing, cutting treads, turning the items right, hand sewing and ironing.

  • The meetings starts at 10:00am with some coffee and information on the plan for that day. Together we make sure everyone knows what they can do.
  • We have a lunch break around 12:00pm. The lunch is a putlock (we all bring a dish to share with the group). Eva kindly provide coffee, tea and water.
  • We normally wrap-up and clean up at around 2:00pm.

Do you need skills?

There are a lot of different tasks and many of them don’t require any previous sewing skills. Eva is more than happy, to guide you and teach those who are interested to learn more.

We meet for around 4 hours per date, but you can also join for a shorter period of time.

Join us

We work with a lot of pleasure, and learn new things, have time to talk and have fun. If you like to join the group in 2020 follow us on facebook to be the first to know and contact Eva on handycraft.iwcr@gmail.com

Impressions from our group meetings

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