Greetings from the Board – October

Dear members, 

we are all experiencing this to be a very special year. It requires us all to step out of our comfort zones, acting and thinking differently. At the same time it shows us also how important it is to stand together in times like this.

By now, you might have heard about the decision not hold our annual Christmas Bazaar in presence this year. Therefore, we worked on a new format. It is going to be a lot different than usual. But it is our aim to offer the opportunity to enjoy cross-cultural experiences, to represent the various countries, and to collect funds despite this year’s circumstances. We will take our visitors and friends to a journey of various cross-cultural experiences from November 2020 until January 2021.

Traveling is one of the best ways to enjoy the arts and the vibrant gradient of cultures from around the world. But while the discovery of places around the world seem out of range at the moment, we invite you, our friends, and visitors to an International Christmas Journey”  supported by foreign ambassadors, their families, a strong international community, and local businesses.

Of course, nothing compares to experiencing the world in person. But we want to invite families and friends staying in Latvia to take a peek and learn about cultures and countries – with our international online auction, a Christmas calendar, and a series of international events.

Find out more on our website:

Thanks to all the IWCR members, developing new ideas and thinking outside the box.

IWCR Events

Until further notice, we will continue our efforts to provide our members various events. We understand that many of you like to socialise and enjoy time together. As long as the governmental measures allow us to come together, we will try to organise appropriate events. At the same time, the health and safety of our members is important. Therefore, please follow the news about new measures.

From October 14, a face mask must be worn in public places – shops and elsewhere.

See you at one of our upcoming events. Please wear your face masks. From October 14, a face mask must be worn in public places – shops and elsewhere. At events with personalized seats allocated you will not have to wear a mask.

*International Christmas Journey – events marked with this symbol are part of the series of intercultural events on our journey from October until February.

With the support by our international community, embassies, and local businesses we raise funds for charity organisations in Latvia. All proceeds of this event will go directly into the overall fund , and will be distributed to the charities for projects in 2021. The journey replaces our traditional annual Christmas Bazaar this year.

If you like to attend our events and meetings, please make sure to come with a mask, take your seat. At the seat you do not need to wear the mask.

Let us get together, enjoy the time and explore our surroundings- but stay safe and healthy.


President of the International Women’s Club of Riga

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