Get Creative During Social Distancing

These extraordinary times are calling for us to spend a lot of time at home. We all are asked to help to slow down the speed of corona virus. At the same time it gives us the opportunity  to find new ways for connection and creativity.

Elena Tezhe, Vice President of IWCR, has compiled a list of some online resources that, in her opinion, are most interesting in the field of art.

Take a look and come together to bridge the social distance through community and art. Share with us what you are creating right now during social distancing. Let’s spread creativity and cultivate community through art.

Elenas top list of  sources for getting creative 

Waking up in the morning, I read the news online on

Here you can see the works that sell different galleries, learn about the latest events in the world of art and exhibitions.

Also, in the mornings, I watch news on Instagram on accounts:

  • @sothebys
  • @tefaf
  • @artBasel

There are many other interesting accounts, but these 3 are the main ones.

Spark creativity during social distancing

Since we all need to constantly learn, I use online resources where you can get useful knowledge in the field of art. is one of the main resources where you can take many courses from leading universities in the world in different directions. Courses are available free of charge or at a fee – check out what might be the best option for you with the most appealing content .

Most of the courses that I take on this site are related to the art or work of museums and galleries. Especially at Coursera I like courses from MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art).

Sometimes in these courses you can learn how to draw in the style of different famous artists and try to make a picture yourself in the same style.

One of the most promising areas in Visual art is AR (Augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and Various types of video. – A site that has collected a lot of courses related to IT and graphics. At the moment, using this site, I am studying AR, which I then plan to use in my artwork. Also there you can find a lot of courses on creating graphics, illustrations and some types of fine art.

For lovers of botanical illustration and those who would like to learn how to draw it, I highly recommend visiting

You can also take very useful courses online at Sotheby’s and Christies:

Sotheby’s –

Christies –

Let’s use our creativity to stay at home

painting by Elena Tezhe

I think it is safe to say , that artists tend to be used to long hours in solitude. Artists spend several hours studying without stopping. 

During the times of #StayAtHome you can start a new passion or gain a lot of new knowledge. 

Make use of the time and get  inspired for new projects, and cultivate new connections and communities. 

Show us what you are doing to stay creative and connected

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