Fitness by Walking

The IWCR Charity Committee is coordinating a fitness program to get us in shape for spring. They have organized two activities to help the charities and challenge us to get in shape, also. We are invited to participate in a step challenge using a pedometer app and online exercise classes.

We invite you to support us in our efforts to raise funds for charities in Latvia. Each and every donation is greatly appreciated. When donating, please write the word “donation” or “fitness” in the description line to alert our treasurer.

Please donate here.

This is being coordinated by Justin Griffiths, British PGA Golf Professional and Qualified Fitness Trainer. The first activity is a 50,000 step challenge that lasts for three weeks starting March 15. You’ll need to download the Pacer app onto your phone. See below:

Then enter the following code to access the challenge called: Callaway step challenge

This is how it works: Week 1 – You must complete 50,000 steps from March 15 (Monday) to March 21 (Sunday) – 7 days. You can do how many you like each day, it’s just the total on Sunday that matters.

If you complete the 50,000 steps then you can take part in Week 2. All steps will be recorded on the Pacer app.

Just keep your phone in your pocket, you will be amazed how many steps you can take!

If you have any trouble getting onto the Callaway challenge, try this link:

Once you sign up, you can join the group and there you will be able to see how each person is doing in their steps. The ladies can encourage each other to do more over the 3 weeks or to get themselves motivated to do more if they see what others are doing. There is a winner at the end, the one who has done the most steps.

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