Executive Board Elections 2021

We are all very glad the club exists and gives many of us the chance of finding new friends and connecting to people with different skills and backgrounds. We aim to continue our network and the great work done in the past. On May 10th we will elect the new Executive Board of the club. The Board is composed of 5 members – chairwoman and four other members of the Board.

As of today, five members have volunteered to stand for the elections of the Executive Board 2021/2022 (alphabetical order): 

  • Gabriella T., 
  • Kristine D.,  
  • Laura K., 
  • Maria K., 
  • Vija P.

Every member is invited to volunteer for the Executive Board – regardless of period of membership, age, or nationality. Play an active role in the club – supporting our core values: friendship, equality, intercultural thinking and providing assistance!

Contact board.iwcr@gmail.com

Tell us, whom you would like to see taking up the Chairwoman’s role (President)? Fill out the survey – it contains 3 questions and will take only a few minutes. Or share your interest to stand for the elections with us – mail to board.iwcr@gmail.com until February, 22nd.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

On March 10th, we are going to hold our virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM). We look forward to getting together with all our members and to vote our new Board for the year 2020/2021.

  • Wednesday, March 10th
  • 10:00-12:00
  • Online meeting

This is your moment. Become part of this incredible active and passionate circle of women. Stand for the Executive Board Election and represent the IWCR. Please email to Ilze, Secretary: board.iwcr@gmail.com until Feb 22nd.

You will be part of the Executive Board of 5 elected members taking care to offer a platform promoting friendship, providing assistance and cultural activities among women of all nationalities and supporting our charity work, which is very close to our hearts. 

What to do next ?

  1. Pencil the date of the AGM (March 10th) into your diary. Make sure you can attend.
  2. Read the descriptions of our board positions.
  3. Consider your participation in the Executive Board election and send in your application. Download the Application here.
  4. Would you like to support us being part of the Advisory Board? Which position might be a good fit with your skills: coordinator for the website, Facebook and Instagram, or newsletter, social activities, membership or bazaar. Contact board.iwcr@gmail.com
  5. As soon as you know you might not be able to join the AGM, please hand in your proxy, and pass on the authority to another member to represent you, especially in voting for the Board. This can be sent simply by email to board.iwcr@gmail.com.

Regardless of your age, time living in Latvia and nationality volunteer and stand for the election of the Board in March.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the AGM virtually. If you have questions about any of the positions please contact us. We are happy to describe our roles and regular tasks. 

Your IWCR Board team

Kerstin, Olga, Ilze, Sophie, Laura

“Set your heart on doing good. Do it over and over again and your heart will be filled with happiness.” – Buddha

Become part of the Executive Board. Send your application to board.iwcr@gmail.com.
Find here the Proxy Form. Download, fill it out, and send to board.iwcr@gmail.com.

Description of Board positions

President: external representative of club, oversight of club activity including goals, board members and coordinators, finances and budget, contracts and legality, partnerships, and bazaar coordination support and oversight 

Vice President: support oversight and President duties, Meet & Greet, bazaar coordination support

Secretary: monthly board meeting planning (place, time, attendance), agenda and meeting minutes preparation and coordination, internal board communication, board email address (and possibly Facebook), coordinate AGM, bazaar coordination support

Treasury: payments, bookkeeping, accounts, budgets, financial documents, financial tracking, membership fees and payment processes, bazaar coordination of all financial activity including budget, banking, expenses, contracts, tax

Charity: set charity budget, visits and relationships, including charity drives and bazaar, review partnerships and report activity of charities

Membership: new members, membership fee, member database, member demographics, annual membership fee collection process  

Bazaar coordinator: plan and organize venue, keep overview, interconnect the different roles, communication to board, members and external

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