Activity Groups

IWCR Activity and Language groups

The IWCR Activity & Langauge groups cover a variety of interests – we invite you to join us. If you would like to participate in any of the groups, you can reach out to, or respond when the announcements are sent to members by email.

If you have an interest and would like to find other like minded club members to start a new activity, please reach out to us. We always welcome new ideas, skills, expertise and engagement for the members. We will support you to get the group up and running and to communicate the information.

Activity Groups

IWCR Activity Group Book Club

Book Club

Status: Active

Coordinator: Connie & Gabriella

Looking for a fun way to enjoy books and meet new people? The IWCR Book Club gest together monthly to learn something new, bond with members, catch up with friends, and meet new people. Find out more:

IWCR Activity Group Pre-school/school English playgroup

Pre-school/school English playgroup

Status: Active

Coordinator: Sophie Griffiths

We meet weekly throughout the year, to give our kids the chance to play with other kids from around the world.  The parents get the chance to socialize and chat. All are welcome – this group is allows both members and non-members to join.  Typically we meet on Friday afternoons from 3pm onwards.. Time and location are sent out via a whatsapp group. If you’d like to be added to the group, reach out by email.

IWCR Activity Group Running Club

Running Club

Status: Active

Coordinator: Sophie Griffiths

Runners meet once per week from Spring to Autumn – Thursday mornings in the center. We range from beginners to marathon trainers and the runs will be flexible to accommodate all abilities.  Please let Sophie know if you wish to be added to the running group for notifications on time/location/races.

IWCR Activity Group Toddler Group

Babies & Toddlers

Status: Active

Coordinator: Suzi Stilwell

The mothers of young children, especially under 3 years, do meet frequently for for play, snacks and good conversation. This is a wonderful opportunity for the tots and moms to make new friends, exchange helpful information and hear fun stories about life in Riga. 

Looking forward to seeing your little ones for a play date morning!

IWCR Activity Group Bible Group

Bible Group

Status: Active

Coordinator: Olga Druzhinina

The group meets weekly, in most cases on Fridays at 10:00. Reminder about the next meeting (timing and lesson to study) is sent out weekly to those on the groups mailing list. In case of interest, members can get in contact by email.

Art & Storytelling

Status: Active

Coordinator: Olga Druzhinina

If you love paintings, art and discussions related to these topics, you are very welcome to join our group. You do not need to have any previous knowledge about artists or paintings. We will learn new things together. Did you know that El Greco received his initial training as an icon painter? and his real name was Δομήνικος Θεοτοκόπουλος, Doménikos Theotokópoulos? If you visit our next meeting, you will learn many interesting facts about this painter who does not fit any classical style. 

IWCR Activity Group Handicraft Sewing

Handicraft Group

Status: usually September to November

Coordinator: Eva Sesemann

Meets from September until November – email invitation sent to members prior to each meeting. We make handicrafts for sale at the Bazaar, based and our ideas and experiences. We learn and do different sewing and handicraft activities.

Read more:

Language Groups

The IWCR currently has 6 active language groups for members, in English, French, Latvian, Spanish, Russian and German.  The groups are generally a combination of native speakers, and those learning the language. If you’re interested in joining any of these groups, members can reach out to to be connected.

English Conversation

Status: paused


Meets Ad Hoc – email invitation sent to all members prior to each meeting with registration details.   

This club is for anyone who wants to practice using their English and improve their vocabulary and conversation skills.  All levels are welcome. We have fun with activities on different topics and enjoy some tasty treats at the same time.

French Conversation

Status: active

Coordinator: Aurélie Guéroux & Sassa

We meet approximately twice a month, usually on Friday mornings at our places or in a cafe. Read more:

Email invitation sent to all members prior to each meeting with registration details. Sometimes we’re cooking (for events like Christmas bazaar or just for us), chatting , talking about different topics.  All levels are welcome. We’re usually 5 to 7 people.

Russian Conversation group

Status: Active

Coordinator: Elena

The Russian Conversation group meets twice a month. Anyone who has some basic knowledge of Russian and who is interested in improving or practicing her Russian is welcome to join. We will be talking, reading texts and exchanging ideas about many interesting subjects. Read more:

For more information, and to RSVP, please use Member Planet.

Spanish Conversation

Status: active

Coordinator: Angie

We are delighted to annouce that there is a new Spanish language club.

The conversation group is for anyone who wants to practice using their Spanish and improve their vocabulary and conversation skills. Read more:

Watch Member Planet and FaceBook for updates!

German Conversation group

Status: active

Coordinator: Kerstin Steinberg

Are you looking for a German language exchange with a native speaker? If you want to practice speaking German or would like to start learning some basic German, conversing with native speakers is one of the most important steps in acquiring a new language, and it can rapidly increase your rate of learning.

Luckily, the IWCR makes it possible to immerse yourself in a new language with our conversation groups. Take the opportunity and practice German even if you’re not in a German-speaking country.

Come to our German Language conversation group to practice speaking, build your vocabullary and finally figure out those verb conjugations. All ages and levels are herzlich willkommen! Read more:

Latvian Conversation group

Status: active

Coordinator: Olga

We are delighted to announce that there will be a new Latvian language group starting.

The conversation group is for anyone who wants to practice using their Spanish and improve their vocabulary and conversation skills.

Watch memberplanet and FaceBook for updates!

You are interested in sharing your talent, skills, and in starting a conversation group for another language, or a group in the evenings for any language, please reach out to us. We are happy to support you to get the group up and running. 

Currently paused Activity Groups

If you are interested to run an activity group, you look for members who share the same interest or you like to re-activate one of the below groups contact our Social Committee. We are always pleased to add new possibilities to our club.

IWCR Activity Group Golf Society

Golf Lessons

Status: On-hold

Coordinator: Sophie Griffiths

Not a regular group (yet!), but we offer members the chance to join us for a golf lesson and lunch at Ozo Golf Club near Meza Parks. This is arranged once or twice in the Summer season.

IWCR Activity Group Women’s Business Network (WBS)

Women’s Business Network (WBS)

Status: On-hold

Coordinator: Tabatha Soltay

The WBS meets once a month, in the evening. The goal is to support members with an interest or experience in running their own business, through sharing experiences and best practices, and inspiring and motivating each other to realise our business ambitions. Emails will be sent inviting members periodically, or reach out by email to join.

If you are interested to activate this group, please contact us

IWCR Activity Group Mah Jong Group

Mah Jong Group

Status: Non-Active

Coordinator:Eva Sesemann

Group does not currently meet regularly,  but in case of interest, please reach out by email.

IWCR Activity Group Choir/Singing Group

Choir/Singing Group

Status: Non-Active

Coordinator: TBC

Looking for a coordinator!  Group was active until about 1 year ago, and has willing members – just needs a coordinator!

IWCR Activity Group Cooking Group

Cooking Group




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