Embracing Latvian Culture

What activity has a rich history here in Latvia and has helped pass stories from one generation to the next?

A tradition that:
– Every culture has used and developed, independently from others;
– Is depicted in 9000-year-old cave paintings found in India and Egyptian tomb paintings from 3300BC;
– You can use to enter the state of trance; and
– Chances are you do it from time to time, because you just like to!

I hope you guessed right! The answer is: Dance. There are thousands of different kinds of dances in the world. And you can dance the night away across Riga, especially if you like ballroom dancing. Our Vice-President, Elena, is an avid ballroom dancer! When she isn’t working hard to help organize events for IWCR members, she is glamorous and dancing the night away. A few events you might find her at:

A Small Guild event:  held once a month on the 2nd Saturday. These are not too crowded and there is a nice terrace to chill on in case you are too warm after hot Latina rounds. There is a small bar with inexpensive drinks and snacks (cash only). Next evenings will be:
– 8th of June;
– 13th of July; and
– 10th of August.
More information can be found at: http://mazagilde.lv/pasakumi-2/ (the English version is empty, so look for “Balle” in Latvian version). Entrance fee is €10. The website doesn’t mention a dress code but try not to be too casual.

Dancing the night away …

Rigas balle: This event is held annually in September. The date for 2019 has not been announced yet but should be soon. It usually takes place in the House of the Blackheads. There is not as much place to actually dance there, it is more about meeting people, but the space still allows a little waltzing. There is a strict dress code: gentleman are required to wear black tailcoats or black suits and matching bow ties, while the ladies need a full-length ball gown. So if you want to have a nice meal and a chat with nice people at a table for eight, follow the links: https://www.facebook.com/rigasballe/ and http://rigasballe.lv/en/

Baltic Ball:  Another Annual event, this year it will occur on the 21st of September at Ziemelblazma Palace. The place has a lot more room to actually dance but is located further away from the city center. Dress code is full-length gown for ladies and tailcoat, tuxedo or military uniform for gentlemen. The organizers reserve the right to refuse entry to the event in case of non-compliance with the dress code. A sit down dinner of traditional Latvian cuisine will be served. More information can be found at the following links: http://balticball.lv/en/ and https://www.facebook.com/events/317594548876679/

Below are a few of Elena’s dance class recommendations:
Prima studio  (This is Elena’s favorite studio and she heads here regularly!)
Deju studija 7
Rihtera deju skola

And when you are practiced enough and want prizes, Elena recommends you check-out all the official competitions held by Latvian Dance Sport Federation. You can check the English version of the website and the calendar of events is quite easy to follow.

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