Cooking with children from Hope for Children – February 17

Dear Ladies,

I hope you are all doing well! We would like to offer you a volunteer opportunity. Next Friday, February 17(12:00 – cca 16:00), we will go to children’s day center of Hope for Children charity, in Bolderaja. Please look at this link to learn more about this charity:
Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 16.15.25
IWCR has been working with this charity for many years now. Recently we went there and and made Christmas decorations together. The children were very happy and would like to see us again. Now, we would try to do some simple cooking, so that they can learn something new, too, while having fun. And they really like to have guests 🙂 We expect to have around 20 children and need your help!
This small center is open for children from complicated (very poor, problematic) families. The children can go there every day after school to get all sort of support: they learn practical things, get help with school work, and spend time in a meaningful way. The center is also in touch with schools and the children’s families, whenever possible.
Please email: if you would like to join.
Thank you very much!
Vera and the Charity Committee

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