We believe we can make a difference

One of our key work is supporting charity organisations in Latvia with primary focus is on helping families, young mothers, the elderly and the abused both in Riga and the Latvian countryside.

We organise several fundraisers throughout the year and we support the charities with hands-on help. In total we raise donations in the value of EUR 100,000 annually – from cash donations, clothes, shoes, kitchen ware, furnishers, to Christmas and Birthday gifts – through our monthly activities, bi-annual charity collections and the annual fundraiser in the end of each year.

Usually we host our traditional Christmas Bazaar. In 2019, we raised EUR 42,000 with this event. In 2020, it would have been our 24th bazaar. However, due to the current situation we will not hold our popular Christmas Bazaar in presence. 

But the 40 nationalities – usually represented at the bazaar – will not rest to raise funds. We offer cross-cultural goods and experiences through the “International Christmas Journey” – supported by foreign ambassadors with their families, and a strong international community.

With the work we do, we make a difference to others in they lives, and that drives us. It drives us not to stop even so the circumstances might not be the best. Take a look at out the charity projects we supported in 2020:

Auce Crisis Center for Children ‘Namins’

Auce is a drop in center for children and it has been running for 21 years. Everyday around 77 children come to the center after school where they receive a free hot meal, help with their homework, a place to play board games, read and provide space for free time to dance, play the piano and sing. These children are from large families with many children. The IWCR supports Auce with donations of food, shoes, clothes and school supplies for these children.

Next year they are needing money for food, winter clothes, summer shoes and for each family to be allocated money for school supplies. 

Photo project “Bridges of Dreams”

 Bērnu paliatīvās aprūpes biedrība. Children’s Palliative Care Society

Dream to build first multifunctional children palliative care center “Bridges of Dreams”
Swing, swim, jump, play in the rain, fly a kite… seem so obvious, complex childhood activities that bring joy to the little ones and dwell in the dreams of every parent, relative. 
However, for many of these families, dreams fall apart, knowing that a baby is affected by a serious illness. 
In Latvia, the dream of a sunny childhood for over 600 families has disappeared, but instead they have been able to find countless small and big DREAM BRIDGES to LIVE EVERY DAY. 

Inspired by these children, we the Children’s Palliative Care Society have begun to create a multifunctional care center “Bridges of Dreams” to provide a happy, high-quality and full life to incurably ill children and their families. 
The world-famous Precious Baby Project artist, Angela Forker (USA), is one of our great supporters for building this center. At the end of May 2019 – in early June, the artist visited Latvia to photograph 11 families with incurable children. Show that every baby is beautiful, loved, see the message she brings to this world – that is Angela’s message through these works of art.

More info:http://m.me/palliative

Foster Families

Foster Families supports families that raise children who have been left without the care of their biological parents by promoting social inclusion of children under the care of foster parents and guardians. They have been operating since 1994 and over these years has supported more than 300 families.

Families have received humanitarian help, groceries, participated at Christmas and Easter celebrations and several young people have had the opportunity to join international youth exchange projects. Foster Families has a designated meeting facility that has been provided for families to meet and discuss their challenges.

The IWCR provides Foster Families funds for their main operation centre and school supplies. The IWCR also runs donation drives for clothes and household items.

You can read more about Foster Families on their web page: http://www.labiedriba.lv/en/home

Photo: Foster Families trailer loaded up with item collected at IWCR’s Charity Drive


Hope for Children

Hope for Children has been in operation since 1994. Their aim is to restore and bring hope to children and families in Latvia who have fallen into crisis because of poverty, homelessness and addiction. They help children reach their full potential by giving them the best chance of a good education and a healthy lifestyle by providing them with a nurturing and safe environment. 

Hope for Children has 3 Day Centres for children who are living in poverty, suffering neglect and other forms of abuse. The children usually attend after school and are provided with a free meal, help with their homework, school supplies and clothes, mainly winter clothes of jackets and boots. There is also a Family Support Centre in Riga for families struggling to survive on a very low income.  

IWCR provides funding for food, school materials and clothes.

You can find out more about Hope for Children through their website http://www.hope.lv/

A photo of the staff at Hope for Children