Charity Report – 2023

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Message from the IWCR Charity Director:

Dear Members,

As the work from 2023 is coming to a close it is our opportunity to reflect on all that has been done.

In 2023, the International Women’s Club of Riga supported thirteen charities with an ongoing partnership – offering money, goods, time and support. We gave EUR 21,030 to these partners because you, active members, raised a large portion of this money at the IWCR Bazaar in 2022. The Charity Committee organized two Charity Drives this year to which you donated many needed items to our partner charities, who were so thankful to receive these goods. A special thank you to our Charity Committee team in 2023 – Liga, Donka, Inger, Amanda, Lori, Magdalena, Ria, and Meaghan.

In 2024, we plan to sponsor our charity partners with EUR 31,650. This is possible thanks to you and your network, participating in the 2023 IWCR Bazaar and related activities. Now we, the Charity Committee – currently down a few members due to relocation and hoping to get a few more – are processing applications and making an action plan for this year.

As of January 17, 2024, we have received 13 applications from current and new partners. By the end of this month, we will develop and sign repeat contracts and discuss them with new applicants. Stay tuned for the update in February!

Liga Kukaine, Charity Director

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