Iļģuciems Prison - Women & Children

Women & Children

Iļģuciems Prison - Women & Children​

The International Women’s Club of Riga (IWCR) has long term relationship with the women who are serving time at the Ilguciems Women’s Prison in Riga, and their children, who up to the age of five are allowed to live with their mothers at the facility.

How we support

We have regularly supported the women & children there in different ways, for example by donating new shoes to the kids, offering English or Latvian language lessons, and by taking the kids out on excursions.

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How much we’ve been able to contribute

Donated since 2010: €5000​

How you can support

If you’d like to support the work of the IWCR with these women and children, you can make a donation to the club and mark it “Ilguciems” (https://www.iwcr.lv/donate/). Note: In this case, no donations are given directly to the public institution, instead they are given directly to the individuals.