Charity Drive Oct 27th

If you want to donate your clothes or small items, you can bring them to our bi-annual Charity Drive on October 27th.

If you’re finding that there are some toys or games you children do not play with anymore. Or if you’re cleaning your wardrobe, donations of good quality clothes are perfect to donate to charities through Latvia.

Or you’re finding cupboards are being rearranged, laundry rooms or kitchens are being sorted out, or sheds are being decluttered, think of how your old items may be treasure for someone else.

The charity organisations will be very grateful to receive those donations, and to continue their work.

When is the Charity Drive

Donate your gently used clothes, kitchen items, smaller household utensils, towels, toys, etc. to those in need.

  • October 27th, 2020
  • from 10:00 am til 01:00 pm
  • Balasta Dambis 52, Kipsala, Riga

This year’s delivery procedure

  • In order to apply to the current rules and hygienic standards, we will run this year’s charity collection with a small team of 5 people only and for a maximum of three hours.
  • Please label all your boxes and bags with what’s inside, indicating categories of items (like children cloths, shoes, kitchen utensils) and details about size and gender (e.g. Children cloths / boys / size 4-6 years, 116-128)
  • Drive up to the window/ door of the drop-off station.
  • Put your labelled boxes with donations in front of the room. Please do not enter the building.

Thank you so much for your support and understanding.

What is needed


  • Sports equipment (balls, scooter, bicycle etc.),
  • Tents and items for camping in summer,
  • Materials for handicrafts, like colour paper, acrylic colours, paper plates,
  • Bikes for kids and adults.


  • Cutting board, pots, pans, bowls, plates,
  • Glasses, forks, knives, spoons, cups,
  • Kitchen items and cooking utensils
  • Bed clothes, bedlinen, blankets, pillows, towels.
  • Puffs or bean bags .. like “fat boy”


  • Things that could be presented as gifts to children for their birthdays: toys, bits of jewellery,
  • Bikes for kids,
  • Baby strollers (all kind), some wheelchairs,
  • Baby beds with mattress, sheets and pillows, baby chairs, high chairs,
  • Clothes for toddler, preschoolers and teenagers
  • Toys in good condition, and for children from 1-2 years.


  • Wool socks,
  • Footwear, of all kind and sizes,
  • Clothes for kids, teenagers and adults,
  • Women’s & men’s clothes,
  • Men’s shoes and clothes, all kind of quality,
  • Festive clothes for children who are graduating (black trousers, white shirts, butterflies, dresses etc.), as of kindergarten

FOR LARGER ITEMS, like furnitures, please contact us. We are more than happy to coordinate your donation, but please do not bring large items on this day, We will not have the capacity. Contact us:

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Organisations we support

The IWCR members seek to raise funds to provide support and financial assistance for charities carefully selected each year. Our primary focus is on helping families, young mothers, the elderly and the abused both in Riga and the Latvian countryside. Find a list of the organisations we support here.

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You like to help on the day, you like to donate items but have questions, or you have larger items?

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