Charity Drive, June 2024

Charity Drive, June 2024

Welcome to the International Women’s Club of Riga’s first Charity Drive for 2024. The club has received specific requests from nine of the charities that we support, which you can find below.

We look forward to seeing you on the day!

Here is a list of items that nine of our Charity partners have specifically requested for the Charity Drive, but note, it is not only these nine charities that we are supporting on the day – please feel free to bring things even if they are not listed here.
The place for items’ collection will be outside with a tent, and/or in the main reception area at the very back of the building, depending on the weather.  If you come with a car, you can park along the street if there are vacant places (please, note that it is a paid parking zone) or you can enter with a car through the main gate and go to the back of the building (ie. don’t use the front doors on the street.) Please see map for directions:
As a bonus, between 11-13 people who come to drop off are welcome to visit a Salvation Army Refugee centre (which the club supports) and meet the workers/volunteers and have some coffee and cookies if you’d like!
And remember: bring the items in bags or boxes, divided by type of item, and marked clearly, eg. Clothes Women size L, Toys Outdoor Age 2-10, School Supplies, etc.
If you are not able to drop off your items between during the specified time, but you would still like to make a donation, please write to

Items Requested from our Charities – June 2024

Hope for Children 

  • footwear and clothing for children and teens 
  • informal clothing and footwear for our impoverished parents.
  • school supplies and materials for arts and crafts
  • any food items which have a decent shelf life
  • children’s books in Latvian and Russian
  • toys and table games (as long as a knowledge of English is not required to play the game)
  • bed linen, towels and blankets
  • basic household appliances, furnishings and kitchenware
  • A bed or a sofa-bed (please contact directly charity committee about this item)

Foster Families

  • all kind and size of clothes and shoes,
  • bed linen. towels, 
  • kitchen and home items

Missionaries of Charity

  • clothes for children and adults, 
  • home supplies, 
  • toys, 
  • furniture, 
  • everything is needed for the families.

Children’s Palliative Care Society 

  • Drawing and coloring books, 
  • coloring supplies
  • games

St. Saviour’s Anglican Church 

  • Mens and Womens clothing (warm – coats, jackets, gloves, hats, etc). 

The Salvation Army

  • Hand-held vacuum cleaner 
  • Diapers (especially size 5,6)
  • Wet wipes for babies
  • Any other baby-care items
  • Large coffee pump thermos (for up to 3 Litres)
  • Automatic coffee machine
  • Mini-refrigerator

Lighthouse Transitional Care

Can pick up depending on location – 

  • Food items – canned beans, lentils, and fruits. 
  • Dried – Rice, pasta, buckwheat, salt, sugar, oil, seasonings, and tea


  • Linen, bed linen
  • kitchenware, 
  • games,
  • table games,
  • paper, scissors – anything for activities

Tavi Draugi

  • woman hygiene products
  • children’s diapers all sizes
  • wet wipes
  • hair products
  • showering products for men

Downloadable poster
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