Our Executive Board

The Executive Board of the International Women’s Club of Riga consists of five members; the Chairwoman and four elected members.


Laila Stancioff

The President leads the work of the International Women’s Club of Riga. She leads the Board and externally represents the Club. She attends the clubs different events, and executes the regular Board meetings.

vice president

Amanda Banister

Supports the President with her duties and with oversight of all of the club activities, including especially the annual Charity Bazaar.


Marija Krūmiņa

The Secretary is in charge of the correspondence of the club. She prepares the agenda and takes the minutes for the Board meetings, and maintains all non-financial records for the Board. She also maintains the information about who is responsible for the different activity groups.


Bridget Healy

The Treasurer maintains financial records for the club. She manages the bank account and payments and ensures the processing and payment of all receipts. She makes sure that the end of year financial report is properly completed by the IWCR’s accountant.

Social Activities Coordinator

Vija Pugule

The Activities Coordinator organizes and advertises tours, trips, and other activities for the IWCR members, depending on the calendar and members’ wishes.

Our Advisory Board

The Advisory Board supports the Executive Board with various responsibilities, including; Membership Coordination, Public Relations, Communications, Social Activity Coordinator, Website Maintenance and so on.

Charity Coordinator

Julia Pesnya

The Charity Coordinator is in charge of the Club’s charity activities. With the assistance of the Charity committee, she evaluates requests for assistance from local charities and prepares the annual charity budget for the Executive Board’s approval. She purchases items authorised by the Board and arranges for their delivery; and she maintains all records of interactions with supported charities. She reports on charitable activities to the membership.

Meet & Greet Coordinator

Aija Pince

The Meets & Greets coordinator organizes the morning, lunches and evening meets and greets. She makes sure to attend them or coordinates with Board and Advisory board to attend. She welcomes new members into the club and coordinates with the Membership coordinator their incorporation.

Membership Coordinator

Inna Kotlikova

The Membership Coordinator manages applications for IWCR membership and the dues paid in by each member. She reviews and presents applications to the Board for approval. She also manages the badges and business cards for the Board members.

Bazaar Coordinator

Carmen LeClair

Oversee and coordinate all the Bazaar activities and individuals working to put on the Bazaar. Update the board on the Bazaar status, risks, areas requiring support. Book venue, arrange contracts, coordinate the performance of all persons involved. Report to the board on the raised amount and outcome of the bazaar.

web Coordinator

Kathleen Johansson

The web coordinator is responsible for maintaining the communication channels like the IWCR website and social channels; facebook and instagram. The web coordinator updates information and events, makes suggestions for improving the organisation/content.

Newsletter Coordinator

Elena Tezhe

The Newsletter Coordinator is responsible for distributing the monthly newsletter to our membership, including. content collection, copy writing and maintaining the software.

Day of Bazaar coordinator

Alona Zmitrovich

The right hand of the Christmas Bazaar Coordinator (coordination with volunteers, tables, clothes, trays, electricity, screens, projectors, storage site, etc.)