2021 AGM on March 10th

Dear Members,

We look back at an intensive year 2020. The IWCR Board is glad we were able to organise many social events throughout the year despite all circumstances.

We successfully raised a significant amount of funds through our Christmas Journey in December. We raised EUR 17,000.  Additionally, we have spent our club budget wisely last year which saved as another good amount. Therefore we will be able to distribute EUR 23,766 to Latvian charities. 

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

You are hereby invited to attend the virtual AGM:

> Venue: Virtual through zoom,
> Date: Wednesday, March 10th, 2021
> Time: 10:00 – 12:00

Pencil the date into your diary. 
In case you might not be able to join, please hand in your proxy, and pass on the authority to another member to represent you in voting. Please email to Ilze, Secretary: board.iwcr@gmail.com until Mar 9th.

Schedule of the AGM
The Board will review the membership year with following agenda:

  • Opening of AGM, by Board chairperson ,
  • Board report, summary of the activities, financial overview 2020/2021,
  • 2021 Budget,
  • Approval of Board Report
  • Election of the new Executive board 2021/2022,

Stand for the Executive Board Election.
We are looking forward to getting together with all our members voting our new Board 2021/2022. This is your moment. Stand for the election, and be part of 5 elected members taking care to offer a platform promoting friendship, providing assistance and supporting our charity work.

Send in your application to board.iwcr@gmail.com until Feb 22nd. Download the Application . Or nominate a member for the Board.

As of today, five members have volunteered to stand for the elections of the Executive Board 2021/2022 (alphabetical order): 

  • Gabriella T., 
  • Kristine D.,  
  • Laura K., 
  • Maria K., 
  • Vija P.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the AGM. If you have questions about any of the positions please contact us. We are happy to describe our roles and regular tasks. 

We wish you a good and heathly week

Please RSVP for the AGM through memberplanet until Feb 22nd. We require a quorum of 1/3 of our members to attend and to vote.

Ilze, IWCR Secretary & Organizer of the AGM, and Kerstin, IWCR President

“Set your heart on doing good. Do it over and over again and your heart will be filled with happiness.” – Buddha

Become part of the Executive Board. Send your application to board.iwcr@gmail.com.
Find here the Proxy Form. Download, fill it out, and send to board.iwcr@gmail.com.

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