Rich heritage inspires jewellery made in Latvia

Baltu Rotas from Sigulda is supporting our IWCR Christmas Journey by donating an item to our Online Auction as well as a calendar discount.

Baltu Rotas creates Baltic jewelry connecting us with Latvian’s historical past. From the days of the Semigallian chiefs, Nameja rings take the strength from our roots and weave the power into jewelry. They weave the strength into ornaments, creating ornamental jewelry that is purely Latvian.

In the online auction, they are offering a chance to create your own silver Nameja ring. The winner will attend a creative workshop where you’ll work with a jeweler to weave and carve your own Nameja braid—a round pendant for your Latvian honor or a gift for someone else’s strength. After a few hours of work, you can proudly bring your silver jewelry home.

Besides this special ring, Baltu Rotas creates other collections of Baltic jewelry including pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets. These items will be available on the Advent Calendar at a discount. Purchasing items from this fine company will be a way to thank them for supporting our charity drive.

IWCR: Can you tell us about the history of Baltu Rotas and Baltic jewelry?

IWCR: Vai Jūs varētu mums nedaudz pastāstīt par Baltu rotām?

Founders of the company, Inita and Vitauts Straupes:

The family business Baltu rotas was born out of excitement and pride for our roots more than 25 years ago! The incredibly rich heritage of the archaeological adornments of the Baltic nations captivated and appealed to so many. With a touch of design, ancient symbols have evolved into modern jewelry, embarking the trend of wearing it on any occasion.

Ģimenes uzņēmums Baltu Rotas radās aizrautībā un lepnumā par mūsu saknēm vairāk nekā pirms 25 gadiem! Baltu tautu pārsteidzošais un tik bagātīgais arheoloģisko rotu mantojums mūs aizrāva un uzrunāja.

IWCR: This year, you and your team are participating in IWCR’s annual charity initiative. How have you developed new ideas and what motivated you to participate?

IWCR: Šogad Jūs un Jūsu komanda piedalāties IWCR ikgadējā labdarības iniciatīvā. Kā Jūs esat attīstījuši jaunas idejas un kas Jūs pamudināja piedalīties?

Founders of the company, Inita and Vitauts Straupes:

The Northern nature and legends have inspired us to create new collections. Therefore, in gratitude of this miracle of being, we donate part of our collection revenue to those who are less fortunate.

Ar dizaina pieskārienu senie simboli pārtapa modernās rotās, aizsākot tendenci ar lepnumu nēsāt tās ikdienā un svētkos.  Arī ziemeļu daba un leģendas mūs iedvesmoja jaunām kolekcijām. Tādēļ pateicībā par šo esības brīnumu, daļu no kolekciju ieņēmumiem ziedojam tiem, kam dzīvē nav tā paveicies.

IWCR: What makes your jewelry unique among other companies? What inspires your collections?

IWCR: Cik liela ir Jūsu komanda? Kas sniedz Jums gandarījumu ikdienas darbā?

Founders of the company, Inita and Vitauts Straupes:

Our company has grown, but still all our jewelry is made here – in Latvia, our beautiful Sigulda. Our greatest satisfaction has always been the joy and words of appreciation we receive from you. It inspires us to create more and more new collections.

Šobrīd mūsu jau ir daudz, bet joprojām visas rotas top šeit – Latvijā, skaistajā Siguldā. Mūsu lielākais gandarījums ir Jūsu prieks un atzinības vārdi, ko saņemam gan no latviešiem, gan tālienes viesiem. Tas iedvesmo mūs radīt aizvien jaunas un jaunas rotas! Uzņēmuma dibinātāji, rotkaļi Inita un Vitauts Straupes

From December 6th until 11th visit the online auction platform to do your Christmas shopping. Bid on a masterclass workshop donated by Baltu Rotas. Preview all items to write your shopping list.

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