Oct 29: Charity Drive

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Thank you so much for the generous donations!

Our bi-annual Charity Drive by The International Women’s Club of Riga took place on

29th October, 2019

from 10:00 am til 02:00 pm, Balasta Dambis 52, Kipsala, Riga

Donate your gently used clothes, kitchen items, smaller household utensils, towels, toys, etc. to those in need.

What is needed – see a list of required items:

We are grateful for any kind of donation, and here a few items our charities look for desperately:

– men’s and women’s winter clothes
– children’s clothes and shoes
– kitchen accessories, pots, pans, kettle
– bed covers, bed linen, towels, blankets 
– utensils for washroom (soap, shower curtains)
– coloring utensils (markers, aquarelles), glue, 
– table games
– yarn (for knitting)
– chairs, stools
– music instruments
– sport equipment (skates, sledges, hockey sticks, hockey helmets, bikes)
– rocking horse
– school bags (2 kid from gr 1, 2 kids from gr.6)
– developing toys
– table lamps
– household cleaning supplies 

– 2 desk clocks with clearly visible numbers
– 1 small desk and 2 chairs for toddlers
– folder or a boxes to organize various paper sheets, documents, and other paperwork
– deco pillows for sofa
– Blankets 
– Basic stationery like pens, pencils, sticky papers/notes
– small metal whiteboard and markers.

AND: 2 washing machines – please contact us via charity.iwcr@gmail.com if you can donate any, please do not deliver washing machine or furniture directly to the drop off on Oct 29.


  • Sports equipment (balls, scooter, bicycle, etc.);
  • Items for activities in winter;
  • Materials for handicrafts, like colour paper, acrylic colours, and paper plates; and
  • Bikes for kids and adults.


  • Cutting boards, pots, pans, bowls, and plates;
  • Glasses, forks, knives, spoons, and cups;
  • Kitchen items and cooking utensils;
  • Bed clothes, bedlinen, blankets, pillows, towels; and
  • Puffs or bean bags … like “fat boy”.


  • Things that could be presented as gifts to children for their birthdays: toys and jewellery;
  • Winter items for kids;
  • Baby strollers (all kind), and some wheelchairs;
  • Baby beds with mattress, sheets and pillows, baby chairs, high chairs;
  • Clothes for toddler, preschoolers and teenagers; and
  • Toys in good condition for children 1-2 years old.


  • Wool socks;
  • Footwear (all kinds and sizes);
  • Clothes for kids, teenagers and adults;
  • Women’s & men’s clothes;
  • Men’s shoes and clothes, all kinds of quality; and
  • Festive clothes for children who are graduating (black trousers, white shirts, butterflies, dresses. etc.) from kindergarten.

Volunteers wanted

We will need helping hands throughout the entire day, but can share the time. You do not need to be present the entire day but can join and help for a few hours. Every helping hand, if it is for a long period of time or short, is very much appreciated!

Particularly we will need help in the morning hours when lots of people will come and bring in their donations, and also at the end when our charity partners will come to pick up the donations. We will need helping hands which can carry boxes in the afternoon, we estimate, until 3pm.

Contact us

You would like to help on the day, you would like to donate items but have questions, or you have larger items …

Please contact us: charity.iwcr@gmail.com

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