Annual General Meeting 2024

A message from the President:

Dear IWCR Members,

We have worked countless hours on rescheduling this AGM so that we can refocus our efforts on what this club was created for: promoting friendship and welcome; providing assistance and support for newcomers and expatriates to Latvia; furthering cultural activities among women of all nationalities, stressing opportunities for their insight into Latvian social and cultural life; and giving support to local charities.

As mentioned in the Newsletter, following the conclusion of the AGM two elected members declined their elections and we received an email from a member about our procedures.  Since then we have been in constant contact with our lawyer regarding our AGM to ensure compliance moving forward. The AGM was planned for Friday, March 15 with a two month notice.  We did not have 1/3 of our members present, so we rescheduled for the following day on March 16.  That meeting, as you are aware, has been dissolved.  We only need to reschedule the AGM once again with a five (5) day notice.  We need two members to be present at the AGM for it to be legitimate.  

–> The AGM will be held via Zoom on Friday, April 12 at 09:00.  <–

We will vote for a new Executive Board, approve the 2023 Financial Report, and approve the 2024 Budget. The statutes have not been updated since 2015.  The new Executive Board, once elected, should lead on working on this.  There are several ideas of what to include and edit.

We are in need of Executive Board members.  We seek candidates who value our main objectives— to provide a safe and supportive community for women and work together to raise funds for those in need across Latvia.  If this description resonates with you and is something you care deeply about, please apply.  Currently, our procedure is to accept ALL applicants as long as we are able to confirm their current membership.  The candidates are not vetted or selected by the Board, they are members who have volunteered.  These are the positions we will be voting for:

Vice President
Social Activities Coordinator 

Please submit your candidate application no later than Wednesday, April 10 at 17:00.  We are working to reconfirm candidates and will share this information with you as soon as possible.

Proxy forms must be received before the start of the AGM or they will not be honored.

Attached you will find:
–> Candidate Application <–
–> Proxy Form <–
–> Financial Report <–
–> AGM Draft <–

Please email all applicable documents to,,, and

You will see the Zoom Link in your inbox and on MemberPlanet

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, April 12.  Thank you so much for being a member of IWCR!

Best regards,
Danielle P. Shumsky

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