Annual Charity Collection Drive

Hello Ladies,
We would like to invite you to participate in our annual Charity Collection Drive on the 22nd of May at the Dutch residence from 09.00 – 14.30. The purpose of the drive is to collect clothes, household items, toys, and electronics for our charities. This is a great opportunity to do a spring clean (or a moving clean) in the house and donate items which are no longer in use to a good cause! We, however would like to request that the items are in good, useful condition. This means no broken items or dirty items in disrepair.
As well, we’d like to ask for volunteers to help sort the items for our Nearly New Christmas Bazaar table which will be placed in storage.
If you’d like to shop for any of the items collected, please feel free to do so. Only please bring small bills, not large ones as it would be difficult to give proper change. A collection box for the money will be placed in the room for that purpose.
Attached is a list of the different items that our different charities are looking for, just to keep in mind.
We look forward to see you there! If anyone would like to bring some snacks or refreshments, they are more than welcome!

Charity Committee

Gabriella Temel, Eva Sesemann, Elina Apine, Julia Piesnia, Sarah Green-Mummert, Tiina Nirk, Chani Erasmus, Stefka Elincheva, Vera Boissin

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