Āgenskals – Guided Tour Nov 6th – “Slovakia meets Latvia”

We continue our intercultural journey. Yesterday, Andrea Ziman Babcanova from Slovak Embassy in Latvia invited us on a walking tour through her favorite discrict of Rīga, Agenskalns.

The weather conditions couldn’t have been any better. Artūrs Adamsons from E.A.T. Riga Tours guided us through small streets, passing the wooden buildings, telling us fun facts about the neighborhood.

We finished our tour with mulled wine in sun on a terrace.

Do you know Alise, the water tower which was lifted 7m up to add another story level to the building, and which found its final identity being a recording studio many years ago. Did you know, there is a former oil platform used as a tv tower next to Agenskalns market. We had plenty of fun on a beautiful autumn day.

We are extremely thankful for this wonderful tour. We we are able to add another EUR 145 to our charity fund for 2021.

Dear friends,

We invite you to a tour of Agenskalns district that is part of this year IWCR individual fundraising activities organized instead of the traditional Christmas Bazaar. All its earnings proceed to the IWCR charity fund.

About the tour “Slovakia meets Latvia”

Āgenskalns district is famous for its wooden architecture. Until the middle of the 19th century Riga was a fortified city, and according to the regulations, buildings in the districts beyond the walls and bastions could be built only from wood. This was because if there was a war, the wooden suburbs would be burnt down so that the enemy wouldn’t have a place to hide.

The last time that happened was in 1812, when Napoleon’s army was marching through this territory. Between 1857 and 1863 the city walls were destroyed, and the system was not needed anymore.

  • When: Friday, November 6th,
  • Duration: 10.00 am until 12.00 pm,
  • Participants: max 10,
  • Price per participant: 15 EUR including tour, and mulled wine.
  • Location: start at Kalnciema market, end in Uzvaras park.

As a personal admirer of Agenskalns district I, Andrea from Slovakia, teamed up with Arturs from EatRiga Tour to make this experience the most enjoyable possible for you.

We will start at the emblematic Kalnciema market area to continue via little streets and corners of this romantic yet undiscovered and authentic neighborhood playing right now with amazing autumn colors.

Arturs will provide the in-depth insight of its history and curiosities.

We will finish the tour In Uzvaras park where Slovak mulled wine will await you to warm you up.

Listen carefully as someone might be rewarded for the acquired knowledge at the end. ☺

Discover one of Riga´s most picturesque districts!

*International Christmas Journey – events marked with this symbol are part of the series of intercultural events from October until February.

With the support by our international community, embassies, and local businesses we raise funds for charity organisations in Latvia. All proceeds of this event will go directly into the overall fund , and will be distributed to the charities for projects in 2021. The journey replaces our traditional annual Christmas Bazaar this year.

Note: This class might be subject to changes due to adapting rules. Please follow the latest measures and obligations in regards to COVID-19. From October 14th, a face mask must be worn in public places – shops and elsewhere. At events with personalized seats allocated you will not have to wear a mask. If you like to attend our events and meetings, please make sure to come with a mask.

We are extremely grateful about this initiative by the Embassy of Slovakia , and we look forward this fun event.

Please RSVP through memberplanet until Monday, November 23rd. We have limited space for 20 people considering COVID-19 health measures.

Thanks for your support, and stay healthy.

Best regards

Andrea and Arturs

Organized by the Embassy of Slovakia and Eat Riga Tours

P.S. Pictures might be taken, and used for website and facebook. 

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