Afternoon at Bolderaja Daycare Center – September 12

Dear Ladies,

we would like invite you along to go to spend some time with children in Bolderaja Daycare Centre, run by Hope for Children
We will go September 12, at 12:00 from Olimpia car park. Estimated time back is 15:15 in Kipsala, but you can stay longer, or shorter – as long as we are able to organise our transport. Shared taxi for those wishing to stay longer is also an option.
If you are interested to join, please read on!
Hope for Children is a charity that helps children that live in difficult family backgrounds; families that are very poor, with more than five children, complicated relationships and alcohol abuse, and usually not much attention is given to those children. Hope for Children also helps single mothers and actually all families in need that come to seek help. They run several centres in Latvia and this centre in Bolderaja is one of them. About 20 children come after school here and get food, help with their homework and spend their time with very nice social workers.
Our plan is simply to spend time together. If you know any activity that you wish to share with kids, please feel free! It can be a game, handicraft, dance, song.. We try to have with us one singer, too, however that is not yet fully confirmed.
Thank you ladies and I am looking forward to seeing you soon!
Vera and the Charity Committee

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