Visit to the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa Sisters in Riga

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IWCR supports the Milk project Riga

Members of the International Woman’s Club of Riga (IWCR) and the Riga Milk Formula Charity Project recently visited the Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity to deliver diapers and milk formula. At the same time, we took the opportunity to pass on used clothes, toys and furniture donated by IWCR members and our friends.

The Riga Milk Formula Charity Project, organised by Maria, donates milk formula on a monthly basis.  The formula is distributed by the Sisters to mothers who, for various reasons, can’t breastfeed their babies and struggle to find the money to purchase it themselves. The IWCR is a proud sponsor of this important project.

Community work to those in need

This was a lovely visit and a wonderful opportunity to learn more about what the Sisters do here in Riga. After a warm welcome, they showed us around the premises and shared information on the various activities they offer to homeless people and poor families.

We heard about the soup kitchen which they host a couple of times each week (also sponsored by IWCR), and how they provide showers and clean clothes, dress wounds and dispense medications.

In exchange for help around the house, they offer housing for up to 3 months to addicts while they attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. Those are just some of the services provided: the Sisters do a lot of other community work and also make home visits to those in need.  

Weekly help for those suffering with wounds

Amelie, who is a nurse, offered to return to help with wound dressing and later that same week she assisted the Sisters dressing wounds for 21 individuals. The majority of those treated that day were suffering with wounds on their feet and legs, including amputated toes and wounds from freezing, bad hygiene and alcohol related injuries, while others arrived with wounds inflicted by violence.

This service is usually offered twice a week and the Sisters welcome all those in need — providing that they are sober and can pass a breathalyzer test — many of whom have been attending for months or even years.  

The support makes a difference

The Missionaries of Charity is a Roman Catholic religious congregation established in 1950 by Mother Teresa. The Sisters make a vow to serve the poorest in their communities and we have seen firsthand what a difference their efforts make to the lives of those in need in our community here in Riga.   

Always very welcoming, we felt that the Sisters really appreciated our visit. They are proud of their work, happy to chat and always enjoy laughing with us. We left feeling really humbled and impressed. Humbled by what they do with few resources and impressed by their passion and strength.

For more information please visit Riga Milk Formula Charity Project on Facebook.

Maria & Amelie

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