Visit to Auce Namins crisis center

September 24, 2018By

Dear Ladies,

Next Wednesday, September 26, we will go to Auce‘s Crisis Centre for Children “Namins“. IWCR has been helping this place for many years now. We regularly donate money for food, shoes, school supplies and more.
The center helps children with complicated family backgrounds. Children can come every afternoon for hot meals, they get help with homework, they can join in for some after school activities. Children also get donations of clothes, shoes etc. And mainly, it is a place where they feel safe and loved.
What we plan for next week is very simple – we go to see these children and spend some time with them. They know who we are and are always happy to see us. It gives you a chance to see something else, too, out of our day-to-day experience, so you are very welcome to join.
We would like to leave Riga around 10:00 a.m. We will buy gifts (food) for kids and arrive to Auce around the time kids come from school. We will have some time together with children and we plan to be back in Riga about 4pm
We will be very happy if you would like to join! If yes, please reply to and we will organize the transport.
Thank you and have a lovely day!

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