Thank you for your donations and help on the october Charity Collection Day!

November 5, 2013By

Dear Ladies,

Charity Committee would like to thank you all for your help during our Charity Collection Day! We collected a lot of clothes, shoes and hosehold items. All those things we delivered to organizations we support: Hope for Children, Marsa gatve Crisis center, Mara Center, Women’s Prison, Irlava Orphanage, Betlemes Maija. Everybody says a big thank you for you!

Especially  we would like to give an extra appreciation to the ladies who helped us to sort out all things: Karin, Elina, Victoria, Lika, Sandra, Yi Ok, Maria, Minna, Ebe, Ilse, Syuzanna, Renate, Eva.
Thank you ladies!

IWCR Charity Committee
Egle Degutiene, Eva Sesemann, Renate Frers and Syuzanna Ostrovskaya

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