I totally enjoy offering smiles to everyone.

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Former First Lady of Latvia Iveta Vējon, Former President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis and  Andrea Babcanova, Embassy of Slovakia at IWCR Bazaar 2018

IWCR: Why do you give to our organization? What motivates you to stay involved?

Andrea Babcanova: My personal happiness does not depend only on my well-being, it is very much related to the state of people who surround me. I do not only mean my close relatives, friends or coworkers but the society as such. It is no surprise to anyone that many among us are far less privileged and they need support. Our society is, and I am proud of it, based on solidarity, that for me represents the European way of living. This also explains why I have never even thought for a second not to give or not to get involved in IWCR Charity Bazaar. 

IWCR: What are your donations to, or activities at, the bazaar?

Andrea Babcanova: I have been approaching companies in Slovakia to negotiate items that can be then sold. Full sponsoring is out question as these companies very often support local charities back home and do not have further capacity to support us. I therefore try to negotiate better prices so we can still bring interesting merchandise and be able to sell them at competitive prices. So far, I am 100% sure we will sell Slovak socks “Fusakle”. We will also cook a very typical Christmas dish and bake some sweets. I am unfortunately left-handed for handicrafts and all that kind of stuff so I leave this part to those who are more gifted than me.

IWCR: What would you like to pass on to future generations?

Andrea Babcanova: This is a tough question. I think people should further cultivate solidarity. Each society is as strong as its weakest members. 

IWCR: Do you have an anecdote about the bazaar/organization that really moved you?

Andrea Babcanova: Well, the whole Bazaar is a great fun for me. I totally enjoy becoming a merchant for one day, praising our products and offering smiles to everyone. I try to be creative – when last year someone asked for Tatra tea I replied that unfortunately we don´t have it but we can offer a pair of socks with Tatra mountains…and managed to sell it. 🙂 

IWCR: Do you have a message to share?

Andrea Babcanova: Come to Bazaar to feel its energy coming from the competitiveness to sell the most for a good cause, it´s totally different from selling for one´s own profit.

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