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The Charity Bazaar is supported by foreign ambassadors with their families, and a strong international community. It is an opportunity to taste typical food and drinks, as well as purchase original gifts for friends and family – handicrafts, toys, handmade items, delicacies from all around the world– a perfect choice for Christmas Shopping. And it wouldn’t be a Christmas Bazaar without the festive carols from children choirs, entertainment like kids play corner, Thai massage station, Photo Booth, Tombola, and our Silent Auction, consisting of products generously donated by sponsors.

How does the Silent Auction works?

We talked to Katy, who has been a regular volunteer at the annual bazaar auction table in the past years. We asked Katy to share with us her experiences.

Katy is from Ireland and lived in Latvia for 4 years.  As an IWCR member she enjoyed managing the English conversation club and organising the running group.

She will miss the event this year as she and her family are currently travelling South America for a year – making more memorable moments, learning and growing together as they discover places they didn’t even know existed!  

But Katy hasn’t stopped volunteering, and she will explain to our visitors how the Silent Auction works.

How would you best describe to visitors how the silent auction works at the IWCR Charity Bazaar?

Katy: The silent auction is a lot of fun and the simplest good deed you’ll do all year! It’s as easy as ABC… 

  1. Get a number from the ladies at the auction area. Then take a look at the bid sheets: you’ll see many pages, each with a short description of the item and the value. There are hotel stays, restaurant vouchers, pieces of art and much more! 
  2. If you like an item, simply write your number on the sheet and the amount of money you want to pay for it. You can bid any amount as long as it is more than what the last person bid eg. you like the spa voucher worth EUR100.  The person before you bid EUR50 so you might bid EUR60. The higher you bid, the more likely you are to win!
  3. Come back as often as you like and bid on as many items as you like.  Check the sheets at the end of the auction time 14:30PM. If you have made the highest bid then you may buy the item for that amount and take it home with you. 

Lucky you and lucky IWCR Charities

You take home your spa voucher and the money you have paid goes straight to the charity fund.  Still not sure? Just pop over to the silent auction table and our multi-lingual team will be very happy to help to you out!   

Silent Auction List

Bid on wonderful items generously donated by our sponsor from Riga and surrounding. We will updated this list constantly to give you an overview before we will see us on November 24th at the Charity Bazaar 2019.

Why do you give to our organization? What motivates you to stay involved?

Katy: Having lived in 8 countries (and counting) I have found the easiest way to meet people and integrate in a community is to get involved with local organizations, ideally as a volunteer.  It’s a win-win situation as I contribute my skills to benefit the charities while building friendships at the same time.  

We are so lucky to move and live wherever we want but others from our host cities are not always as fortunate.  I feel happy to be able to give back.      

Do you have an anecdote about the bazaar/organization that really moved you?

Katy: The IWCR community changes every year with people from all over the world coming and going.  Yet the bazaar happens annually without fail, with new and old helpers getting involved. It takes massive organisation and input from all members, their friends and families, their embassies and companies. Seeing the teamwork come together and the generosity just in the sheer number of donations to the auctions alone overwelms me each year.   

What would you like to pass on to future generations?

Katy: Every little counts! I’ve met so many people who think it’s tough to volunteer: I don’t know how to help, I don’t know how the organisation works, my English is not good enough and so on.  I’d like to encourage them and the next generation to please just put your hand up—you might be surprised at what you can learn, who you’ll meet and what lives you can change with just a little of your time. 

About Katy

My family and I have been travelling for a long time and have been fortunate to live in Ireland, Germany, USA, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Georgia and Latvia as we travelled for my husband’s job.  We decided earlier this year though that we wanted to take some time away from this nine-to-five, full-steam-ahead road we were on. We wanted to have more quality time with each other and to experience a different pace.  

So, Michael left his job, we took the children out of school and we sold almost everything we owned (thank you Riga friends who are now riding our bikes, sitting on our couch and making smoothies with our blender).  We dropped our Latvian rescue dog off with family on the way and headed out to South America with our 3 kids and 5 backpacks.  You can read more about the decision to take a year off in our blog post 

I am working as a proofreader while we travel and the children are enrolled in online schooling which we compliment with worldschooling – learning as we travel.  

Was it the right decision? 

It’s been three months and we have experienced life at high altitudes in the Andes (4800+ meters).  We’ve tried llama steak and guinea pig, purple corn drinks, pisco sours and tens of different types of potatoes! We made Peruvian friends and spent the night with locals on Lake Titicaca.  We’ve taken 30-hour bus rides, surfed in the desert, photographed seals on the ‘Poor Man’s Galapagos’, watched condors fly, travelled on cable-cars in La Paz, zip-lined across valleys in the Andes and seen a volcano erupt in Peru!  We visited Incan ruins and climbed hundreds of steps up the mountain to visit Machu Picchu. We watched groups of drummers and couples dancing tango on the streets of Buenos Aires. We volunteered in Bolivia and watched an entire country stand up against its government in defence of democracy.  

We haven’t looked back once.

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