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There are many ways to classify pearls, but did you know that where a pearl is grown can make a big difference with respect to its quality and price?

Freshwater pearls are grown in mussels living in rivers and lakes. These days, most pearls formed in freshwater come from China. Saltwater pearls, on the other hand, are created by oysters in oceans and originate from places such as Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and Tahiti, among others.

The workshop usually takes aprox. 1-1.5 hours in a form of interactive presentation.

Ervins Butkevics, from GIA Pearl Program graduate, and CPAA cetified pearl specialist will give us an overview about Pearl Value classification (GIA) system, differences between Sea and Freshwater cultured pearls, natural pearls and imitation pearls.

Followed by the presentation of his own pearl jewelry brand: pearls4us.
Take a look at the website:

Language of presentation is in English language, free of charge.

Let’s see how saltwater pearls differ from the ones grown in fresh water.

Photographs will be taken at this event and may be used on FaceBook or the IWCR website. If you do not want your picture taken, please inform the event organisers during the event.

This is a member event only, please sign up via our member platform.

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