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Coffee! Yes … an important subject, but one we take lightly sometimes (often with milk and sugar!) Since moving to Latvia my exposure to amazing coffee has increased, and while I still have the occasional bad coffee, the quantity of quality coffee shops has significantly changed my relationship with coffee and caffeine!

I was a true Canadian, unable to start the day without a large coffee to-go. Coffee was something that kick-started the day and was consumed with little regard to quality, I hardly noticed when beans were burned or the subtle taste of the roast. This changed when I moved to Latvia. Now I sip coffee in little coffee shops across the city, savouring the flavour. While I still feel coffee fuels my morning, instead of grabbing the largest paper cup from one of the coffee shops that dot my neighbourhood, I take a small, but always flavourful cup of some of the best coffee in the world.

There are many chains in the city offering me my North American style caffeine hit, but there are also roasters, and little coffee shops that I believe are some of the true hidden gems of the city. Here are two of my favorites.

Rocket Bean Roastery; Did you know that Riga has the best roaster in the Baltics? Seriously, so good in fact that they have a Loring Smart Roast Kestrel35 machine (hard to get) and now ship their beans internationally! There are two locations, but Miera Street is their actual roaster and the perfect place to sip a melna kafija and people watch.

MiiT; Vegetarian food and the best place to see the down-town hipster scene. This coffee shop can brew your coffee any way you want and they will make recommendations based on the freshest beans. This hidden gem on Lāčplēša iela is packed at lunch and has comfy sofas at the back, perfect for a lazy afternoon sipping the perfect coffee and meeting with friends.

A.L.L Cappuccino; this tiny & intimate café has good coffee and a small selection of treats. Their A.L.L Cappuccino is a regular cappuccino piled high with milk-foam and an offering of chocolate or cinnamon to top it off (you can ask for both). Usually busy, their baristas take the time to make your coffee right at one of their locations downtown.

These blogs are aimed to share with you what I have found and love about living in Riga. I will share with you my favorite spots, tips and information about upcoming events. These are my opinion and therefore subjective. If you have a subject you would like me to include, please let me know! Tabatha

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Tabatha is a third-culture-kid and moved to Riga from Canada in the summer of 2017. She has loved every minute she has been here (including winters and trying to figure out how to speak Latvian!). She loves sharing her finds around Riga and learning from other people’s experiences.

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