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April 1, 2019By
International Womens Club Riga Meet our members, Liga Kukaine

The IWCR will profile a different member every month and we are delighted to start with Liga Kukaine, our new President.

Name: Liga Kukaine

Nationality / Nationalities: Canadian and Latvian

What country did you move to Latvia from? Canada

When did you join IWCR?  Autumn 2018

What did you do in your home country? Research and development for skincare products

Why did you move to Latvia? For love!

Your first impressions of Latvia? 

Very positive! Compared to Canada, even Toronto, where I’m from, it is so much smaller and very nice to walk everywhere.

What are the two or three biggest differences between your home country and Latvia?

The European lifestyle and proximity to nature.

What do you like about Latvia?

My daughter’s first language is my grandparents’ native language, and she plays in the park across from their alma mater, University of Latvia. It is a very humbling feeling and deeply emotional. 

Your favourite places in Latvia? Why?

Kuldīga, Gaujas National Park, Līgatne nature trails.

Do you have any tips for other expats? 

Becoming a member of the IWCR is a good start.

Why did you take the position of President of the IWCR? 

The role of President of the IWCR will give me an opportunity to work with dynamic and interesting women on important projects. I’m looking forward to meeting each member and hearing your unique story. 

We are each part of a larger community and it is important to support each other. 

The club is a place to build friendships with women who are new to Latvia, and to get to know the local culture and environment. It is a place where I want to spend my time and I hope to cultivate that environment for other women to enjoy.

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