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Language clubs are a great way to meet new people and practice a new skill! The IWCR currently hosts an English Language Club, a Russian Language Club, and a French Conversation Club. 


The English Language Club is hosted by Zakia, a CELTA qualified teacher and instructor at the Riga Business School. The English Language Club meets every two weeks on a Friday morning and focuses on expanding participants’ listening, speaking, writing and reading skills in a social atmosphere. Participants will gain the ability to read and interpret narrative passages on various topics and to write simple messages in short paragraphs.

The English Language Club’s next meeting is on Friday, September 27th at 10am. Please RSVP on Member Planet.


The French Conversation Club is hosted by Laure and Aurélie and meets once a month. Their first meeting is on Thursday, September 26th at 9:45am. Please RSVP on Member Planet. The French Conversation Club focuses on casual conversation and often cooks as well (including for the France Table at the Charity Bazaar).

The Russian Language Club is hosted by Elena, a Russian language teacher who studied Russian philology at University. “I am happy to find so many people here in Latvia interested in it. It is great when you can do your best to help someone in learning and understanding the things you really love.” 

The Russian Language Club meets every two weeks on Monday mornings and anyone who has some basic knowledge of Russian and who is interested in improving or practicing her Russian is welcome to join. The members all have different backgrounds, some learnt Russian during Soviet times at school, some are native speakers and come because they enjoy our conversations, some learnt to speak Russian a few years ago, some are learning right now. 

The first meeting was on Monday September 2nd and we asked a few participants, Annette and Ingrid, what they like about the IWCR Language Clubs.

Why did you come? 

  • It is a great opportunity to brush up your Russian language skills and at the same time to exchange views on many different subjects.” 
  • “It is a good opportunity to revise your knowledge of Russian”

what is the funniest phrase you learned this week?

  • “To sit between 2 chairs” is a proverb in Russian and when you translate it literally you think that the one sitting between two chairs is a strange human being. 
  • Word: nepredskazuyemaya (editor’s note: it means unpredictable).

What is the best thing about the Russian conversation club? 

  • The circle of nice and interesting women to talk to!”
  • “Meeting interesting people and talk on different topics”

The next Russian Language Club meeting will be on October 7th at 11am. Please RSVP on Member Planet.

We will post Language Club meetings on Member Planet and Face Book. Please RSVP so that our language hosts can keep you up to date on the location of the next meet-up.

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