Jurmala Visit with children at Illguciems prison

May 21, 2018By
Hello Ladies,
The visit for the children at Illguciems prison is rescheduled for the 30th of May, as unfortunately the wardens could not come the 17th of May.
We would therefore like to invite you to come with us for an outing with the children at Illguciems prison to Jurmala on the 30th of May, 10.00. We really want to give the children a good day trip as they depend on it, and give some of our regular volunteers who will be leaving, a chance to say goodbye to the children.
There are several children up to 4 years living with their mothers in the prison in Illguciems. Time to time, we take them out with us for small trips, as this is one of few very rare occasions for them to get out and experience something of a life outside the prison.
For new members: check our website fr more information http://www.iwcr.lv/charity/organisations-we-support/
Please let me know if you wish to join us, and I will get back to you with exact details about our meeting time and place. As well, if anyone needs a lift, let me know in advance so that we can coordinate it.
Gabriella and the Charity Committee

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