Discover the joy of art at the IWCR Charity Bazaar

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We are very grateful for the close friendship with organisations in Riga, especially with those, which strengthen our hearts’ deep desire to give back to the community in which we live, and to support those in need.

IWCR and Rotary – we work together to lift others

In the beginning of November, Liga, President of IWCR and Kerstin, Member of the IWCR Board and Bazaar Organizer, met with Thuc from Riga International Rotary Club. We agreed to meet at Dizaina Studija Alises Rozes on Barona iela, because Thuc suggested they could have some painting to donate to our bazaar. 

When Liga and Kerstin arrived at the Dizaina Studija, they were overwhelmed by the wonderful works and impressed by the generosity. Very quickly the idea was born, to add an Art Exhibition Auction to our Bazaar this year. Visit the Art Exhibition, choose the painting you like most and “Buy It Now!”.

Impressions Art Exhibition “Buy It Now!”

Create a better world for our children

We talked with Thuc, and asked him, why does he like to give to our organization,a and what motivates him to be involved?

We talked with Thuc, and asked him, why does he like to give to our organization, and what motivates him to be involved?

Thuc, Rotary Club: My name is Thuc To and I am a member of the Riga International Rotary Club, an international charity organization. As a Rotarian my wife, Olga Madaja, and I are always on the lookout for ways to help our local community as we feel we must our part in creating a better world for our two children.

Our firm belief that our participation and actions with our International Rotary club and IWCR are effective methods in teaching our own kids the essential role that they must play in assisting those in need and in forming a healthier future society-teaching by example.

This is the reason we actively participate in the Rotary Club’s annual charity Santa’s Fun Run event to raise funds for the less fortunate children in the Riga community.

This year, in addition to the Santa’s Fun Run, we have decided to donate the artwork from my wife’s art studio to help fulfill the mission of the IWCR.

Our hope is to spread the message of the importance of being actively involved in the local charity organizations such as Rotary or IWCR.

We kindly invite you to join us and share memories with those loved ones around you.

About Santa’s Fun Run

The Santa’s Fun Run will take place on December 8th, 2019, start 11.30. This is an event filled with positive emotions in the run-up to Christmas, during which participants dressed in Santa’s costumes will run and walk down the streets of Old Riga to donate to charity. Find out more:

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