January 16 – Playtime with children from Ilguciems women’s prison

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I hope you are all doing fine!
We would like to offer to you to come along with us for a playtime with children from Ilguciems women’s prison. We will go out with them next Tuesday, January 16, between 10:30 – 12:30. We will probably take with us 5 lovely children and spend some time with them in Spice shopping mall’s playground, where you can meet us. (Rotalu zeme, next to Lido in 2nd floor)
These children live with their mothers in Ilguciems women’s prison. They are all very small, up to age 4 and they of course have a very limited access to the world outside the prison walls. IWCR ladies have been taking the kids out for quite a few years now and we would like to continue this very nice tradition. Even though there is a very nice lady that helps to take care of the children in the prison, as you can imagine, it is not so easy for only one lady to take them for walks and excursions. So that this where IWCR helps. We also buy winter shoes for them and other things during the year.
Please let me know if you would like to join by replying to this email.
For new members: if you are interested to learn more about our charities, contact us or check our webpage! We are looking for more volunteers on a regular basis or whenever you have a chance! http://www.iwcr.lv/charity/
Have a lovely evening!
Vera and the Charity Committee

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