Handycraft overview Wednesday 17 Jan

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Dear Ladies

Thank you so much for all the help with the handycraft table. It has been so fun having you at my home. Now back in Riga after Christmas break it feels little empty not seeing you all here. So lets meet up and start to plan the next Bazaar and also if you like me to have some sewing courses.

Lets start with last years Bazaar when we still almost have the bazaar fresh in our minds. What was selling and not, what we have now and also discuss how we can be even better or/and how we can sell better the things we had hard to sell.  We also need to clean up and organise for the upcoming sewing events.

We start 10.00  and hopefully we need not more than 2 hours.

Welcome to my place in old town.

Please let me know if you are coming

Kind Regards

Eva Sesemann

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